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She's Crushing It! Paola Kustra of BagRomance Is Featured On Houstonia's Women Crush Wednesday

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As you know, dear business owner, you're busy! You ain't got time for pitching your business to the media! But you're making time. You're showing up at Tin Shingle to get the courage and the original ideas that will make you a must-feature by the press.

Paola Kustra, a Tin Shingle memberand founder of, is killing it right now with features she is getting. Check out her latest at Houstonia in Texas.

PS: Tin Shingle is adding Houstonia right now to our Media Contact Library.

Live From Houston - KPRC Channel 2 Houston Features

Paola Kustra, a Tin Shingle memberand founder of, the designer handbag rental company based in Houston, TX, was featured on KPRC Channel 2 Houston.

She pitched and landed the segment, and brainstormed how the taping would all happen during Tin Shingle's private Member's-Only TuneUps.

Paola organized models to display some of the purses available for rent on her website, including the "tiny" purse that fits hardly anything!

Paola regularly attends Tin Shingle’s TuneUps, and it is paying off! She comes away with fresh ideas on why to pitch the media, and then she does it.

Tin Shingle Member Fluid Running Featured In LA Times Winter Workout Gear!

LA Times Features Fluid Running

Congratulations to Tin Shingle Member Fluid Running, who was featured in the LA Times this past January for Winter Workout Gear! The Fluid Running app based program gets you moving - running - in a pool and comes with flotation device and Bluetooth headset to listen to the workouts.

Woot Woot! Vyllage Founder Laura Borland's Hard Work Is Paying Off!


Tin Shingle Members are getting Media Hits! Laura Borland, developer of Vyllage, the app that makes getting package deliveries easier by connecting neighbors, has been pitching and getting hits. Her latest is at The Story Exchange and a local news TV station.

Laura credits pitching to her success - pitching a lot. We asked her how she did it:


Repetition and Intensity. I followed your advice (from the Members-Only TuneUp) and made a commitment to send my pitch to at least 25 journalists everyday, and used your PR Planner and Tracker to know who I had contacted.

When I started looking at pitching to South Florida media, Local 10 was the only channel in which their journalists have an email address listed versus a Twitter handle. I’m also familiar with the types of stories that reporters on that station tend to cover. So, I sent my pitch to 10 recently hired reporters because I’m sure they could use the content.

Within 15 minutes, I received a response from a reporter, who asked if I had pitched to any other stations and I responded that I had not. He then requested an exclusive interview. We shot the footage the day before Thanksgiving and it first aired one week later and was in rotation for 5 days!


See who else is getting press in Tin Shingle’s Press Portfolio!

Join Tin Shingle today to up your PR game and have fun with us! You can do big things. Tin Shingle gives you the resources and support to believe and make it possible.

Press Portfolio: Tin Shinglers In The News! Runner's World, eBella, and Others...

Getting featured in the media is a major deal! Tin Shingle created an entire section of our website - the Press Portfolio - just to feature when our small business, artist and maker members get this kind of exposure. Here are a few recent PR hits from our Tin Shingle Members!

katie highlands current making the magic.jpeg

Tin Shingle's co-creator Katie's most recent monthly column in the Highland Current newspaper was published, and explores her bout with a Bah Humbug Christmas last year, a gift request that went bust, and her return to a Mariah Carey themed Christmas once again.

christi ebella november 2018 growing tips.jpeg

Christi Lavoy, founder of Botanistix, the pretty orchid support stakes, had an article of orchard tips published in eBella Magazine. Right off the bat, she tells you about the easiest way to kill an orchid, and the one thing you can do to prevent it.

fluid running migration injured and cant run.jpeg

If you're a runner, your biggest fear is not being able to run. Jennifer Conroyd is changing all of that, by making it easier for you to run in water with the app she developed in the app-kit Fluid Running. Runner's World was so impressed, they devoted entire feature to it.

shes her own ceo women entrepreneurship week.jpeg

Bursting onto the TV circuit to talk about women and entrepreneurship is Kathryn Brooks, seen here with Gregory L. Funderburg Jr. for News Channel 9 WTVC on Good Morning Chattanooga.

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