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UPDATED: 2018 Content Planner Contains Page For Ideas Not Ready For Calendar Yet

Tin Shingle's 2018 Content Planning Calendar has been updated to include a sheet for capturing your ideas that you aren't ready to assign to a month or week yet. This page in the calendar is called "In The Hopper" and it is the last page. If you have purchased the calendar, you can revisit it here when logged into your Tin Shingle account, and click the link to download the file. The most updated file will download to your computer. If you are an All Access Member of Tin Shingle, this file will automatically be available to you to download. Get to it!

Start Writing! Tin Shingle’s 2018 Editorial Content Planner Released

When you have a killer idea for content, you need to save that! And publish it. Ideas for great content is half the battle to growing your brand’s digital footprint through blog articles on your company’s website and social media streams. But you have so many ideas, you can’t contain them all! Until now. Tin Shingle’s editorial Content Planner was created exclusively for business owners and marketers like you. Used by professional bloggers as well as service providers showcasing their expertise, as well as by product designers and shops who know they need content on the web to compete in a thick marketplace of Google searches. This editorial calendar template will solve your organizational problems and give you peace! You’re going to nail this.


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