Business Owners

Owner, Jeweler
Manic Trout

Owner, Baker
Your Pet Chef

Business owners have the big idea, and the motivation to make it happen. But how who teaches them about PR? Or how to navigate through social media and keep up with the ever-changing etiquette? And then there are the voices."Am I good enough? Does anyone care? Is this a good idea?"

YES! Yes, yes and yes. Built into every buzz-building resource is the motivation, encouragement and courage to continue and go big.

After my fist session in the PR & Social Media Challenge, I reached out to a friend I normally would not have about opportunities, and from it got a regular TV spot as the DIY Expert on LC TV as a regular guest host, filmed here in Austin, TX.
— Sierra Bailey, Owner and Designer, Manic Trout, Austin, TX
“I don’t know how I can really thank you for agreeing to do this. You put in so much work for our group and I want you to know how much that meant to me. You researched questions/ideas for each of us and really personalized the experience. This made the challenge even more special and I’m so very grateful to you. This challenge really helped solidify my relationships with the members of the challenge. Seeing them every 2 weeks and interacting between meetings has been an unexpected benefit.”
— Lisa Hennessy, Owner and Baker, Your Pet Chef in Chicago, IL

Communication Directors & Staff

Marketing Director
Palmetto Cheese

Do you need to get PR for the company you work for? Tin Shingle's online classes and Media Contact Databases will help you land the media feature.

Tasked with getting PR for the company, Communication Directors use Tin Shingle to gain real time education on how to get publicity for their company like a professional agency would.

“Joining Tin Shingle’s community was the best thing I could have done. I’ve read through a lot of articles and material on Tin Shingle. It has really made a big difference in figuring out how to do press outreach correctly. USA Today featured our business shortly after joining, and the owners are having a surreal moment right now. This is their first type of national exposure. Thank you for your support! And the best part is, people would never guess it’s just one or two people over here making things happen. No big corporation meetings or big agency needed.”
— Nathan Kirk, Marketing Director for Palmetto Cheese in Myrtle Beach, SC

PR & Marketing Agencies

JANA GLOWATZ Founder, Jana Public Relations

Founder, Jana Public Relations

Finding support as a PR agency can be challenging. You're the one who is supposed to have all of the brilliant ideas, right? Members who run PR agencies love tapping into the community to get fresh perspectives, new ideas, and support.

I loved the TuneUp! We listened to it on speaker throughout the office and kept saying ‘that’s a good point...I like that idea.” It got to the point where I decided to sign up for the membership in the middle! I’m looking forward to more informative webinars and more great info Tin Shingle has to offer. Thank you!
— Jana Glowatz, Founder, Jana Public Relations, Miami, FL

Tin Shingle's website, articles, business directory and shopping guides are public-facing, meaning anyone can read them. The media comes to Tin Shingle to look for great products and services to feature, and people like you come on looking to hire a firm or company, or buy a cool product.

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