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Tin Shingle’s PR Campaign Program For Private Clients

Pitching the media to build buzz for your brand takes time. It’s a long-game strategy, but one that can have very quick turn-over when you least expect it. If you want media coverage, you need to be pitching the media all. the. time. And not just with the same story idea. You need fresh ideas all. the. time.

Sound exausting? For some. For Tin Shingle - it’s our jam. We specialize in thinking up different ways to jazz the media and their audience about your business. Tin Shignle’s membership program teaches you how to do that. But if you don’t have time for that, you can hire Tin Shingle to do the pitching and followup for you.

How This Works

We are going to pitch your business to different kinds of media, at different times of the year, for different reasons. Our job is to excite writers, editors and producers about your brand, and that requires different story ideas every week, every month.

Magazines In Print
Ideas that work 6 months from now will be our focus.
Trending topics 1-3 weeks out, with highly visual ideas, will drive these pitches. Includes local and national TV pitching.
Similar to the fast turnaround for TV, we will develop ideas that may be 1 week out, or 1 month. Depends on the idea and timing.

How We Run The PR Campaign

We keep a PR Planner and Tracker, which maps out what we are doing in a 12 month cycle at all times. If we are aiming for print media, we will be swimming in ideas for that season, and sending out emails for it. If we are working on TV segments, those may be totally different ideas, and we track them here.

Please know that nothing is guaranteed in PR. No one can promise you placements (unless you are paying to be on TV, and that’s a different ballgame). Most of PR is pitching the media. Emailing them. Thinking up new ideas to tempt them with. Following up with the same contact, and discovering new ones. Patience is required when you are engaged in a PR campaign.


ADD-ON: BLOGGING (Publishing Updates To Your Website)

We don’t just stop at PR Campaigning for you. We are publishers, writers and bloggers, and we know that two things are very important to growing and sustaining your business:

Google Searches - people finding you
Media Sleuthing - the media looking for businesses like yours to feature

All of the storytelling we do for you at the PR Campaign level, we want to publish on your website. All of your customer success stories, testimonials, new product roll-outs, exciting discoveries, and inspirations. All of it. All of it needs to be on your website in order to grow your digital footprint and help your base buy from you, and be your ambassador.

How We Work With You

Tin Shingle’s Office.   Photo Credit:  JacPfef Photography

Tin Shingle’s Office.
Photo Credit: JacPfef Photography

We work very closely with you. We want you to know the direction we are headed, but we also want to know what is going on inside of your business, so that we can market that. Being outsiders looking in with fresh eyes, we will think of angles that you hadn’t considered yet.

We want to meet with you face-to-face in our office, or on FaceTime/Video Call so that we can connect and hear what your sales goals are, and overall direction for your company. We want to translate your mission and grow your business.

If you have time for it, we want to connect with you by phone at least once a week for 30 minutes.

You want to know what we’re doing, and you’re going to get a report. Anyone we emailed, followed up with, or brainstormed about.

Our email and phone is available to you during regular office hours, weekdays from 9am-5pm. Within reason of course :)

Sometimes we will need photos of what you do, offer, or simply ambiance. If we can’t get to your location, we will ask you to do your best and send us photos that illustrate what we are pitching. Pictures help the pitch!

If we are also creating content for your website, we will keep an Editorial Calendar of ideas and let you know what we are publishing when. You can review the content and approve before it is published.

Who Is On Your Team?

LAURA HOLKA | 25+ Years In TV and PR
Laura is an experienced executive producer for news, morning talk shows, political programming, non-profits and sports. She knows what works for TV, web, video, pitching your business, and social media. Laura’s career began at PBS as an intern, which led to a job in “Traffic” at ABC. While there, she moved into live broadcasts and producing.

At KTVK (Phoenix News), Laura worked in news, sports, morning TV, live events, and special projects. Most of her experience is in producing, writing, and live productions. At both AZTV & KTVK Laura worked as the executive producer doing their morning program, politics, writing, special events, commercial production, sales and social media.

Meet Laura by streaming one of Tin Shingle’s TuneUps that teaches how to get PR on local TV. You can watch that here.

KATIE HELLMUTH MARTIN | 15+ Years In Publishing and PR
Katie is the owner and publisher of Tin Shingle. She is a website designer and blogger both for the local publication, A Little Beacon Blog, and for private clients. She studies SEO (search engine optimization) and uses creative writing and visual design in order to outrank your competition in search. See her portfolio here.

Are We A Fit?

It’s best to hire a PR firm who gets your brand. Contact us first to introduce us to your brand, and get to know us as well. We only take on a limited number of clients at a time, in order to give them the attention they need.

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