Each one of our members is special to us. Here is what some of them are saying about Tin Shingle! Also check out what people are tweeting about Tin Shingle. Then, start your business membership today and join these happy folks.

LeeAnn Maxwell Tin Shingle Testimonial and Review

"I love the support you guys give and desperately needed the education and learning. You guys definitely have the mojo, the ideas and the inside track. We feel very lucky to have found Tin Shingle when we needed you (thanks Kami Darnell of Simple Sarongs!) and we preach the Tin Shingle gospel to every network event at which we speak."

LeeAnn Maxwell
Co-Founder, Vixen Vodka
Alpharetta, Georgia

Alyssa Jones Testimonial

"Just wanted to share with you that - thanks to you guys - I have been getting some really positive responses from my pitches!! I love the TuneUps, the resources, support, and being a member. Thank you for all that you do!"

Alyssa Jones
Creative Principal and Co-owner, Copper Mug Co.

Christi Lavoy Tin Shingle Testimonial and Review


"I have to say I am coming up on Week 1 as a Tin Shingler and I cannot tell you how wonderful I feel. I do not feel alone. It’s amazing to me now, how much I felt isolated with my business promotion issues. Now I can look on the forums and see we all have so many of the same issues! I feel the community. Its a good addiction. I got a lot out of the #TuneUp today as well. I have blocked that off in my future Wednesdays. If I can be there, I want that live energy! Thank you!!!"

Christi Lavoy
Founder, Botanistix
New Jersey

Kami Darnell Tin Shingle Testimonial and Review


"I was one of the #TuneUp call-ins in today, and I was so impressed!  You guys have been on my radar the past few months, and now that I'm ready to go full steam ahead with marketing, I signed up this week!  So glad I did...  Thanks for tailoring some of your remarks towards my industry... I noticed!  And was taking notes like crazy... until I had to leave at 1:03 to pick up my 4-year old from pre-school before they sat him out on the curb.  I will look forward to hearing what I missed when the podcast is available.  So, I swore that I wouldn't do Twitter, because I just didn't think I understood it, but you have won me over!  Just downloaded the Long-Lead Pitch podcast, as well as the Deskside Pitch podcast. Thanks again, for creating this community!"

Kami Darnell
Founder, Simple Sarongs

Yolanda Shoshana Tin Shingle Testimonial and Review


“The first time I listened to a #TuneUp class, I got hooked. Besides learning a lot, the classes are so much fun. As a busy entrepreneur, I download classes and listen while I am on the go. I get instant inspiration and ideas every time! During the classes, it feels like Sabina and Katie are right beside me, guiding me with juicy and delicious information that helps me grow my brand. My expert status continues to thrive due to all that I have learned from the #TuneUps.”

Yolanda Shoshana
Witch, Clairvoyant, Connoisseur , & Author
New York, New York

Amy Rodbell Tin Shingle Testimonial


"Tin Shingle is such an asset We've been following up on a bunch of leads from you!"

Amy Rodbell
Designer and Founder, Swell Caroline



Dot Girl's Kathy Pickus Tin Shingle Testimonial and Review

"Thank you so much for the tips.  My mind is really overflowing with all the helpful information you all are sending out. I feel so fired up at my business again, thank you!"

Kathy Pickus
Founder, Dot Girl Products
Mukilteo, Washington



Nathan Kirk with Palmetto Cheese and Review

"Joining your community was the best thing I could have done. Thank you for your support! And the best part is, people would never guess it's just one or two people over here making things happen. No big corporation meetings or big agency needed."

Nathan Kirk
Marketing Director, Palmetto Cheese
Charleston, South Carolina



Barbara Alvarez Tin Shingle Testimonial and Review

"I am completely in love with Tin Shingle because of the direct attention and help received in the Community Boards!"

Barbara Alvarez
Gift Sender
Irvine, California


Jess Bolbach Tin Shingle Testimonial and Review

"Just wanted to let you guys know that I am obsessed with Tin Shingle and tell everyone I know about it and how amazing it is. The attention you give to each member is really unbelievable and something that should definitely be taken note of. Thank you so much, I have been more than enjoying being a part of this family."

Jess Bolbach
Designer and Founder, Bolbach Design
New York, New York


Peggy Li Tin Shingle Testimonial and Review

"As a small business owner who works from home, I'm always on the lookout for online networking groups and ways to connect with others who are working on businesses like mine. Over the years I've tried different organizations, but in terms of activity and tools, Tin Shingle has been my favorite. Based on my own experience with PR and SEO, I've found the tips and resources on Tin Shingle to be on point. Not only that, but the founders are dedicated to small business owners (and are small business owners themselves!)."

Peggy Li
Designer and Founder, Peggy Li Creations
San Francisco, CA

Nathan Kirk with Palmetto Cheese Tin Shingle Testimonial and Review

"I've read through a lot of articles and material on Tin Shingle.  It has really made a big difference in figuring out how to do press outreach correctly."

After Nathan landed his client Palmetto Cheese in USA Today via a Tin Shingle PR Lead, he added:

"That is just too cool. I just got off the phone with Brian and Sassy (co-founders of Palmetto Cheese), they are having a surreal moment right now. This is their first national type exposure. They've been in other publications before, but nothing like this. I was instructed to buy several newspapers tomorrow!"

Nathan Kirk
Marketing Director, Palmetto Cheese
Charleston, South Carolina

Dawn Del Russo Tin Shingle Testimonial and Review

"I am just so motivated to help others with their businesses, teach them what I have learned good and bad. That is why Tin Shingle is such an amazing site. I talked to my father today about it, and what you really do for businesses like mine. Just really grateful on days like today for the support!"

Dawn Del Russo
Fashion & Lifestyle Stylist
Founder, Bella Dawn Boutique
New Jersey

Melissa Hall Tin Shingle Testimonial and Review

"After being featured in the Ask The Expert column, I was hired by a company working on a new business pitch looking for someone with expertise in fashion marketing. The Tin Shingle network has given me the exposure I need to help strengthen my credibility in the industry and also grow my consulting business."

Melissa Hall
Freelance Event Producer & Marketing Consultant, Emerging Designer Columnist
New York, NY



Jackie Nees Tin Shingle Testimonial and Review


"I recently got a call from a fellow member who found out about me after I was mentioned in one of your tweets. She was so impressed with the integrity of the Tin Shingle brand, that she took the recommendation and called me. We had a great conversation and discovered our visions are very much aligned. We’re both excited to begin working together. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Thank you Tin Shingle!"

Jackie Nees
Online Marketing & Communications Specialist