Testimonials of
Tin Shingle's Membership Program


Each and every time a member of Tin Shingle expresses their appreciation for the resources and attention they get from Tin Shingle, we are honored to the core. Thank you to each of you for entrusting us with your business journey!


“Tin Shingle Is the community I have been looking for!”

"This is my first full day on Tin Shingle, and I must say, Tin Shingle is the community I have been looking for for a while. Affordable, uplifting, supportive, and a wealth of information. Tin Shingle is a jewel."

Laura Borland
President and Co-Founder of Vyllage, Inc.
The Alternate Address Delivery Solution.

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"I am such an advocate for Tin Shingle!"

"I found Tin Shingle when I was on my way to a deskside in New York City. My PR firm had set it up for me - after 3 months of nothing from them. I asked them what a deskside was, and never got an answer. I Googled it, and found Tin Shingle's answer! After a successful meeting with an editor (who I maintained a relationship with after the meeting), I exited out of my PR agency relationship and started up with Tin Shingle on the spot! I have been doing my own PR and marketing ever since. Later, the editor got us into the Real Simple print gift guide at the #1 spot... soooo all worth it!! I am such an advocate for Tin Shingle!"

Christina Fagan
Founder, Sh*t That I Knit
Boston, Massachusetts

PS: Also watch Tin Shingle's Training TuneUp with Christina to learn how she raised over $25,000 on her Kickstarter campaign to launch her business!


"I really find Tin Shingle invaluable."

"Tin Shingle is an amazing resource for small business in so many ways.  It covers the entire scope of marketing from PR, to newsletters, to social media - just to name a few.  I have personally learned so much about the ever-changing ways of marketing and contacting the press, and due to today's technology it changes all the time.  I find their information invaluable because if I was just trying to do this all on my own and keep up with all the changes, it would be really difficult to do all the research involved on top of running a business. You have saved me so much time, and I have learned so much, I really find you invaluable.

"I used to work in PR/Marketing ages ago, and so many things keep changing it really is hard to keep up.  Now that I have my own business, it's great to be able to turn somewhere and get information and help.  And this year I am planning a big PR push for myself so I'm pretty much going to be living on your website."

Christina Paluszek-McClure
Jewelry Designer, Kryzia Kreations
Pinellas Park, Florida

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"I cannot tell you how wonderful I feel."

"I have to say I am coming up on Week 1 as a Tin Shingler and I cannot tell you how wonderful I feel. I do not feel alone. It’s amazing to me now, how much I felt isolated with my business promotion issues. Now I can look on the forums and see we all have so many of the same issues! I feel the community. Its a good addiction. I got a lot out of the #TuneUp today as well. I have blocked that off in my future Wednesdays. If I can be there, I want that live energy! Thank you!!!"

Christi Lavoy
Founder, Botanistix
New Jersey

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"I Love the support"

"I love the support you guys give and desperately needed the education and learning. You guys definitely have the mojo, the ideas and the inside track. We feel very lucky to have found Tin Shingle when we needed you (thanks Kami Darnell of Simple Sarongs!) and we preach the Tin Shingle gospel to every network event at which we speak."

LeeAnn Maxwell
Co-Founder, Vixen Vodka
Alpharetta, Georgia