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Climbing and Boys' Life Magazines 2019/2020 Editorial Calendars Added To Tin Shingle's Collection


Tin Shingle has added the 2019 Editorial Calendars for Climbing and Boys’ Life in our Editorial Calendar Collection for our members to browse through. Tin Shingle’s entire collection includes 100+ other magazines for you to browse by Title or Area of Interest!

About Climbing Magazine

Climbing and Boys’ Life magazines cater to lovers of the outdoors of all ages. With a print audience of 54k and a digital audience of 1 million, Climbing magazine is a niche publication dedicated to, well, climbing! Led by a staff of active climbers, the publication employs award winning photography, deeply researched articles, technical and training how-to advice which makes them the voice of the sport.

EDITORIAL CALENDAR ALERT: Climbing’s “Gear” issue is coming up! You can find out the best submission date by viewing it in Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar Collection!

About Boys’ Life Magazine

Boys’ Life, January 2019

Boys’ Life, January 2019

Boys’ Life is the official publication from the Boy Scouts of America. With a circulation of 890k and a readership base of 3.38 million, they’ve been an important part of youth culture for over a century. Boys’ Life is the only youth magazine with 2 demographic editions based on two different age groups, ages 5-11 and ages 11-17. They feature editorials, photos, and buying guides. Now that girls are joining the Cub Scout program, there is plenty of opportunity for brands to reach their target audience.

Members of Tin Shingle at the All Access Level have instant access to ALL of our editorial calendars. We currently have the editorial calendars from over 100 publications for 2019! All searchable by Title and Area of Interest! Browse through and let your inspiration take hold!

EDITORIAL CALENDAR ALERT: Boys’ Life magazine staff works months in advance. They are already working on their winter issues. Your story ideas should be timely for January/February. Grab a copy of the magazine at your local Barnes and Noble, let an idea hit you, and then pitch the magazine! For ideas on How To Pitch, stream one of Tin Shingle’s Training TuneUp webinars. For ideas on Who To Pitch at Boys’ Life, explore Tin Shingle’s Media Contact Library with your All Access Pass of Membership.

TIP & STORY IDEAS: These story ideas recently published at Boys’ Life. When you pitch the media, you don’t need to write the article. You need to conceive of a concept, and then say how your product or service would fit in. Ultimately, your business would be used as an example or quoted in the article. Need help with your pitch? Join Tin Shingle and let us see your draft in our exclusive Pitch Whisperer club on our website. We’ll give you helpful feedback!

BONUS TIP: Click here for a Bonus Tip on how to pitch one of these story ideas two ways!

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All editorial themes are from editors themselves and are subject to change.

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Fortune Magazine May Be Looking For Do-Gooder Companies - Is Yours One?

Photo Credit: Fortune Magazine

Photo Credit: Fortune Magazine

From The Editorial Calendar Collection...

While browsing through the Editorial Calendar Collection during today's Power Hour Tin Shingle TuneUp with a couple of our regular members who show up to get their PR into shape, we saw this approaching deadline that your business may be a fit for.

Below is a sampling of what is inside of our Editorial Calendar Collection. You can search by publication title, or by Area of Interest. We really like that type of search, because you get ideas at publications you had not considered before.

Fortune Magazine

Magazine Issue: September 2019
Theme: Change The World
Fortune's annual list of 50 companies that are doing well by doing good.
Pitch No Later Than: Saturday, June 29, 2019
Newsstand Date: Monday, August 19, 2019

PS: This magazine cover of Fortune Magazine is not current - it’s from 1930 and is really cool.

Busy B's...NEW and UPDATED Editorial Calendars From Bitch, New Moon Girls, Bloomberg Businessweek, and More

Check out this week’s updates to Tin Shingle’s exclusive Editorial Calendar Collection! Included are the topics put forth by the magazines themselves as well as Tin Shingle’s predictions of future editorial themes up to 2020.

Don’t pigeon-hole yourself into a theme, but use it as a guide if it helps. For late 2019 and 2020, we researched the past 2 years to find editorial consistency and made predictions where possible. However, the most important tool you have access to is the publication and submission date through 2020. You can quickly see where a magazine is in their production cycle, to know what kind of timely story angle to pitch them.

The Letter Of The Week Is “B”…

…and the buzz is on Bitch, Better Nutrition and Bloomberg Businessweek! The following have been in our database for some time but with the latest research have been updated to 2020!


The revitalizing voice in contemporary feminism, Bitch plays a critical role in helping their audience question the definitions of gender, sexuality, power and agency. Examining the mainstream media, taking into account the historical and cultural representation of gender in modern pop culture, Bitch aims to encourage people to consider feminism as a necessary part of the social justice movement.

Upcoming Editorial Theme: Sanctuary

Better Nutrition

Better Nutrition magazine’s mission is to responsibly inform their audience about the nutritional approach to health. They provide well researched information on vitamins, herbs, nutrients, whole foods, natural personal care and beauty items and environmentally friendly products.

Upcoming Editorial Themes: You’ll have the publication dates, which is key because this magazine works on articles months in advance. Knowing these dates is how you will pitch really timely story ideas that can work for most any broad theme.

Bloomberg Businessweek

This one was a doozy! Over 47 issues per year, predicted up to September 2020! Bloomberg Businessweek’s current incarnation has been published since 2009, and has provided information and interpretation about events in the business world. Bloomberg Businessweek issues are packed with information,. Many different story angle ideas will work.

Upcoming Editorial Themes: Retail; Manufacturing; Cloud Solutions

The Toy Book

Published by Adventure Media and Events LLC, The Toy Book is the leading trade magazine serving the toy industry, The Toy Book is the foremost authority on toy trends and products! 

Upcoming Editorial Themes: TOTY Nominee Showcase 2020, Arts and Crafts; The State Of The Toy Industry

New Moon Girls

Founded by a mom and run by girls,  New Moon Girls serves to strengthen girls’ resistance to popular culture propaganda by strengthening their authentic voices. They are the first and only child-edited publication to win the prestigious Association of Educational Publishers’ Golden Lamp award as the best children’s magazine in the United States.

Upcoming Editorial Themes: “Dreams Of Your Future” and “Believe It Or Not”


For over 100 years, Earnshaw’s has proudly served as the voice of the children’s fashion industry. With a readership of over 15,000 retailers and brand executives, Earnshaw’s helps to streamline retail strategies, merchandising techniques and stay on top of the latest trends and industry news.

Upcoming Editorial Themes: Slumber Party Essentials, From PSs to Plush

These Are Only A Small Sampling Of Editorial Calendar Themes!

Many more editorial calendar ideas are in Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar Collection. These are a small sampling, highlighted for you to see what you need to dive into.

Members of Tin Shingle at the All Access Level of Membership have instant access to ALL of our editorial calendars. We currently have the editorial calendars from over 100 publications for 2019! All searchable by Title and Area of Interest! Browse through and let your inspiration take hold!

All editorial themes are from editors themselves and are subject to change.

Send in media contact or editorial calendar requests to member@tinshingle.com

National Geographic 2019 Editorial Calendars and 2020 Publication Dates Added To Tin Shingle's Collection


This just in…updated 2019 Editorial Calendar items added for the National Geographic family of print magazines. Consider it a bundle! Except that you’ll find each title as it’s own listing in Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar Collection. National Geographic continues to show us the world through the iconic lenses of the National Geographic explorers, photographers, journalists and filmmakers committed to exploring and protecting our planet. These are trying times for our planet. As we try to scale back the damage by limiting plastics and try to live more of a sustainable lifestyle, National Geographic continues to document our living history while preserving the past.

How might your business or initiative fit in to their pages? You have a few options with National Geographic, National Geographic History, National Geographic Kids, and National Geographic Traveler. A general breakdown of each is below, as well as some hints as to what you’ll find in their editorial calendars. Keep in mind, the year is almost up with Editorial Calendars for 2019.

A Special Note About Editorial Calendars

While magazines haven’t publicly released 2020 yet, Tin Shingle has been working on - at the very least - getting you the publication dates for what production cycle the magazine is in. You don’t need to know the broad editorial theme to pitch any magazine. But what is very helpful is knowing that if the current month is May, that a magazine is actually writing articles and sourcing ideas for their issue that comes out in August. Those publication cycle dates are what you will also find in Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar Collection.

National Geographic

First published in 1888, National Geographic is an American media brand that spans across digital cable, satellite TV, and print. They initially had a readership of 165 and is now read by over 40 million people each month. In 1975 it launched the children’s version of the magazine, originally called National Geographic World. Other niche expansions include National Geographic History and National Geographic Travel. (source)

National Geographic

The flagship publication, also known as Nat Geo, is known for its stunning photography and provocative content, focusing on culture, nature, history, biology and science. They examine the loss of biodiversity through Photo Ark, highlighting the species most at risk for extinction.
Editorial Calendar Excerpt: Thinking ahead for an October cover, the theme is slated to be Extinction. “Nat Geo examines loss of biodiversity through the lens of Photo Ark, singling out species most likely to disappear in the coming decades alongside the words of scientists and conservationists who are working to protect and restore endangered populations.” Sea Turtles and African Parks may also be covered. 

National Geographic History

Covering more than 5000 years of people, places, and things, National Geographic History helps you to discover the past via the immersive visual storytelling NatGeo is famous for.
Editorial Calendar Excerpt: “Cover: From cats and dogs to scarabs and scorpions, animals were sacred in ancient Egypt, worshipped as gods and immortalized in art.”

National Geographic Kids

Taking education very seriously, they have two publications under the NatGeo Kids umbrella. National Geographic Kids whose audience is between the ages of 6 and 14, and National Geographic Little Kids which is targeted towards younger children ages 3 to 6. Their mission is to empower kids to succeed in making the world a better place. (source)
Editorial Calendar Excerpt: “Cover Story: Sea Wolves This or That? Amazing Animals – Pet Parade, Sea Wolves, Science of Spooky, History Mystery or Don’t Read This Book Before Dinner”

National Geographic Traveler

Attracting the most readers (10.4 million - source), National Geographic Traveler is backed by more than 100 years of exploration. With the belief that travel changes lives, their unique content encourages their audience to dream, plan, and share. Their main competitors are Travel & Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler.
Editorial Calendar Excerpt: “YOUR SHOT COVER CONTEST Our 1MM+ Your Shot photography community competes for the chance to have one of their photos grace the issue’s cover. ADVENTURES OF A LIFETIME Round-up of the world’s most spectacular adventures and experiences.”

Members of Tin Shingle at the All Access Level 4 have instant access to ALL of our editorial calendars. We currently have the editorial calendars from over 100 publications for 2019! All searchable by Title and Area of Interest. If you never would have considered to pitch the National Geographic family of brands, how would you think to now? Tin Shingle classifies each of our monthly themes with “Areas of Interest”, so, if you were searching by an Area of Interest, such as “Travel”, then one of these items may have come up.

Browse through and let your inspiration take hold! Join Tin Shingle and start browsing!

The Dude Was Right: Cannabis Is Thriving: Magazines Publishing In The Cannabis Space


Happy April 20th (4/20)

For those of you selling product and services in the cannabis space, you’re having more options of what magazines will feature your business. Tin Shingle has the Editorial Calendars for a few Cannabis publications, and wanted to give you an overview of some of the larger ones.

For over 40 years, High Times has become the most regarded source of authentic cannabis culture. They have led the fight for legalization and have supported the industry’s legal businesses.  There is considerable monetization opportunities available with their growing audience. Over 30 million Americans are marijuana enthusiasts, medical and recreational combined.

Over the past year, High Times has acquired several properties, including Dope Magazine, Culture, and Green Rush Daily (MediaPost.com). While Culture focuses on medical cannabis news, Dope showcases the cannabis lifestyle across many industries. Green Rush Daily is a digital publication presenting cannabis content across different subjects ranging from politics to art. Green Rush Daily will continue to operate independently as part of the High Times family. Upon acquiring these properties, High Times launched music, live-events and online video.

“Culture has created a publication and online presence that complement the iconic High Times brand and its many related ventures,” said Adam Levin, CEO of High Times. “We’re building a broad collection of different Cannabis-related publications to offer to our many advertisers who are seeking the highly sought demographic of Canna-users. Culture is a natural fit as we continue to expand.” (LA Cannabis News)

"As states continue to legalize and Cannabis becomes more and more ingrained into American society, the desire for Cannabis-driven content is reaching an all-time high," High Times' CEO Adam Levin told Benzinga. "With that in mind, we're very excited to welcome Green Rush Daily into the High Times family to help us further satisfy those cravings. We've respected their digital and journalistic capabilities for some time, and are looking forward to sharing best practices and growing these brands side by side." (Nasdaq.com)

"Dope is a strategic acquisition for our portfolio, offering key complementary assets to our existing platforms, and opening the opportunity for economies of scale to improve performance of all our publication group," said Adam Levin in a statement published by Forbes.com. "What Dope Media has built in such a short time is not only impressive, but needed, considering the difficult landscape and legislation (that) brands are faced with today. We look forward to not only combining our resources but expanding them." (Forbes.com)

High Times revenue generating plans include monetizing their most popular articles, expanding beyond “stoner culture,” and launching 420.com (touted as the “Amazon.com of cannabis).  (Nasdaq.com)

Using Tin Shingle To Research Ideas for Cannabis Based Publications

As you are research media outlets for the great fits for where you should get the word out, Tin Shingle has the Editorial Calendars for these publications, and the Media Contacts to give you an idea of who to pitch.

Coastal Living Is Back! Plus New Travel Publications In Our Editorial Calendar Collection


Travel Travel Travel!

Warmer weather has sparked the traveling bug - and updates to Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar Collection this week!

AFAR Magazine and American Way

AFAR Magazine is a multi-platform travel media brand that inspires its readers to connect with people of different cultures to understand their perspectives. They value cultural immersion, curiosity and global diversity.

American Way, the free inflight magazine produced through American Airlines is published on a monthly basis and reaches over 16 million passengers every month! Providing inspirational articles on destinations, international celebrity, and provocative stories, American Way reflects the enthusiasm of its cosmopolitan audience.

Exciting News About Coastal Living - Gone Seasonal

Coastal Living has been a source of inspiration for those who are drawn to the sea. Staying true to their steadfast mission that “there are ways of looking at life that connect all coasts and that enhance our lives no matter where we live,” Coastal Living has transitioned from a subscription based magazine to a special interest seasonal publication only available on the newsstands (see Ad Week’s 2018 article about when Coastal Living announced scaling back issues). The first seasonal issue in the new format appeared in March of this year, giving you just enough time to prepare for summer!

Access These Editorial Calendars

Members of Tin Shingle at the All Access Level have instant access to ALL of our Editorial Calendars. We currently have the editorial calendars from over 100 publications for 2019! All searchable by Title and Area of Interest! Browse through and let your inspiration take hold!

Member Update: Editorial Calendar Enhancements

Magazine's Editorial Calendars

Tin Shingle has been hunting and gathering the Editorial Calendars from magazines for years now. You all have always wanted them, and we are happy to provide.

But we noticed something that's causing you to miss out on some opportunities: Magazines release these Editorial Calendars in January. That's fine for advertisers, who want to buy ad space, which can happen very close to the print date.

But for you - the business owner, artist, maker or communication director - you need to start sooner. So if you wait for an Editorial Calendar to come out in January for the year, you are behind the 8-ball for 6 months or more. In January, the very big print magazines are working on their July issues.

Finding the Editorial Pattern

We can't leave you in the dark like this. So we have begun looking for patterns. We are studying the Editorial Calendars for 2018 and 2019, and predicting 2020.
For example: At Allure Magazine, The "Anti-Anti Aging" Issue happened in November for 2018, and 2019. Therefore, we are predicting that it will happen again for 2020.

Timing Is The Most Important Tool

The most important tool you have for pitching magazines - or TV or blogs - is timing. What is relevant for what the editors, writers and producers are working on right now. And you don’t need to read their minds or know what is on their desks or what their editors or producers assigned to them. You need to think of what is relevant in the world for the time period they are working on now.

Tin Shingle's Editorial Calendar Collection will be showing you the future dates - so the 2020 dates - of when a magazine will go on stands. But the most important part for you is the "Pitch No Later Than" date that you see in our database. That is your present. That is happening much earlier. Like now.
For example: If you want to get into Holiday issues in December, those writers are starting to source ideas. July is often a hot month for pitching magazines if you want to get into December issues. Starting earlier doesn't hurt, especially for big magazines like O, The Oprah Magazine.

But Don't Wait For An Editorial Theme

If you want to get featured in magazines, don't wait for their grand editorial theme. There are SO many ways to tell a story from any angle.

Gift Guides Tip

Gift Guides can be made at any time, for any reason. If you don't see an official "Gift Guide" listing in an Editorial Calendar item, proceed anyway with pitching a theme of a Gift Guide for what season the magazine is in.
For Example: It's April right now. If your target print magazine is bon appétit, then pitch it 6 months in advance. So if it's April now, think October. What is happening in October food-wise that would apply to your brand?

If your target magazine is Clean Eating, they have a shorter lead time, about 5 months, so think September. Back To School! Back To Business! Back To Healthy Dinner! Things like that.

Tin Shingle's Editorial Calendar Collection will do its best to reflect these Lead Times to help you out. We call it the "Pitch No Later Than" date. Gradually we are making our way through our collection to make these enhancements.

Use Tin Shingle’s Community To Bat Around Ideas

You are running your own PR show. And you need people - a sounding board - as well as a confidence boost - as you are pitching your brand out. Use Tin Shingle’s Community Forum or Facebook Group to put something out there - get ideas and feedback in return. If you aren’t in Facebook, no problem! We have our own forum here at Tin Shingle. You can participate in either space.

Martha Stewart Weddings 2019 Editorial Calendar Is Here - And You've Got 1 Chance!

martha stewart weddings editorial calendar 2019.jpeg

This Is Your One Chance For Martha Stewart Weddings!

Last summer, the publisher for Martha Stewart Weddings (Meredith) announced that it would reduce the magazine’s print run to just one issue per year - the Special Issue. That time is now. Well, that time for you business owners, photographers, beauty experts, makeup mixologists, bridal boutiques, and the rest of the wedding industry is now because the sole issue of Martha Stewart Weddings is being put together now, to be on magazine shelves in November 2019, right after Thanksgiving when those cozy family bonding moments turn to the beginnings of wedding planning.

Tin Shingle has the 2019 Editorial Calendar for Martha Stewart Weddings in our Editorial Calendar Catalogue for our business and artist members to browse through, in addition to the 100 other editorial calendars are in there.

You’re Going To Cold Pitch Martha Stewart Weddings

Like any editorial calendar, this one is going to give you a broad direction of what the editors are looking for to inspire their brides. They want makeup, hair, destinations, must-haves for any registry. Who you should pitch, and with exactly what, will not be spelled out. This is where your clever brain activates into high gear, and you think up the “why” and discover the “who” of who best to pitch.

Martha Stewart Weddings Contacts Updated In Tin Shingle

People are always changing jobs in the media, so Tin Shingle’s research team is always sprucing things up in our Media Contact Library. We just revisited this group, so if you’re an All Access Pass Member of Tin Shingle, you can log in and begin looking at who works where, and who might be the most appropriate person for your pitch.

How To Pitch?

We know, it can be scary! But it can be really fun, too. Just follow these guidelines:

  • Be super honest with yourself - is your product really a good fit for the pages of Martha Stewart? Is it “So Martha”?

  • Do you have beautiful pictures of it ready? Some with no background or a white background?

  • Deep breaths - the writers and editors are people just like you. You can be friendly and upbeat.

  • Are you an expert in your field? Do you have something to contribute to the false eyelashes trend and when to go big and when to apply blue lashes instead of black? Pitch yourself in as an expert, and include short bullet points of your tips. Really let the writers into your brain.

  • No need to write the article. This is hard - especially if you are an actual writer. Refrain from writing the article - just present an outline with bullet points and a picture.

  • Everyone should submit a picture. Even if you’re an expert.

  • Listen to any of Tin Shingle’s TuneUps that focus on pitching the media. We’ll give you the courage to do this, and the strategy.

The Magazine Lives On Shelves

These Special Issues are being sold in stores, and aren’t as readily available via subscription anymore. People will need to seek them out at Barnes and Noble, Walmart, etc. The “book” aspect of them is becoming greater, as people need to hold onto these Special Issue magazines if they like the reading experience. Which they do. Just see what this blogger wrote as she lamented the decision to reduce print runs and eliminate staff.

Do Consider Advertising In Martha Stewart Weddings

The two schools of thought should not even be a debate. Both advertising and organic editorial need to exist. Both offer benefits. Ads give you control over where you brand is showing up, and how that looks. Organic editorial gives your brand validation. However, an ad spend also signals that your brand is serious, committed, and probably rocking it if you can sponsor something. So definitely consider an ad buy in a directory or guide or even branded content offered and produced by Martha Stewart Weddings. The people producing the branded content are often the same people who produce the organic (unpaid) content, so you know it’s going to be beautiful.

The hipper magazines are doing branded content better. The older magazines are following suit, and I bet you have read articles that you had no idea were sponsored. Yet were clearly marked!

Let’s Hear Your Ideas! Tin Shingle Community Is Here For You

That’s right - when you’re logged into your PR Center at Tin Shingle, tap into our community on our website in our forum, or in our Facebook Group. Wherever you are comfortable hanging, we’ll hang with you there and be a sounding board.

We even have a Pitch Whisperer Forum where you can submit a draft of what you’re about to pitch.

Do it!

2019 Editorial Calendar for Architectural Digest On Its Way Too You!

Magazines release their editorial calendars at different times. Or we’re buried under research with other Editorial Calendar and general Media Contact research to remember to follow up.

Today, one of our favorite magazines came in - Architectural Digest! Can’t wait to learn the monthly themes this magazine has coming up. So many angles as to why you could pitch a writer or editor about your business, if you had a vague idea of what resource or inspiration that would appeal to them at that time.

Members of Tin Shingle at the All Access Level have instant access to these editorial calendars. Or idea centers, as we call them. We have the editorial calendars from 100 publications for 2019 right now! All searchable by Title of publication, AND Area of Interest. Because we are list nerds like that 🤓

Wanna see ‘em and overfloweth with ideas of why to pitch your business? Join us! www.tinshingle.com/editorial-calendars