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This private community of Tin Shingle is an idea-generating paradise. Our membership contains awesome entrepreneurs, small business owners, experts, and service providers passionate about empowering themselves and others in their business journey.

"Community Boards"

The “Community Boards" are Tin Shingle's forum located on Tin Shingle's website. Talk to other Tin Shingle members and easily navigate past conversations to learn about what is working for others, and to find great advice working for others. Find and give advice on everything small business, social media, public relations, and more. This is also the location for the Pitch Whisperer Forum, where you can submit your pitch to the media for us all to give you feedback on it before you send it (don't worry - we're really supportive!).

Your information is private here. These are locked down, private pages that members of Tin Shingle can see and that's it. When others contribute to your conversation, Tin Shingle sends you an email to alert you about it (or you can opt out of that email notification).

How to Get in This Group: Once a member of Tin Shingle, you are automatically given access to this group. Click this link to visit, or look for "The Boards" in the navigation of the Member Center.