Tin Shingle's Editorial Content Policy

.Tin Shingle welcomes article pitches from experts and businesses. Please use our Contact Us page to pitch in a story idea. Here's a little bit more about what gets accepted as an article onto Tin Shingle.

Author Bio and Links

Authors of articles on Tin Shingle get a 1-2 sentence bio that can link to their website, as well as their headshot or cute selfie. Don't be shy - we just need to show our readers who you are.

Payment for Articles

At this time, Tin Shingle is not paying for articles. Instead, we want to promote you as best we can. Unless an agreement has been reached between us and a writer separately for an article that requires a lot of heavy research for something we have planned for in advance.

Affiliate Links

Tin Shingle does not participate in Affiliate Programs.

Adding Links to Articles

Tin Shingle does not add links to articles after they have been published, unless a request is made by the article author themselves. This is especially true for those pitching infographics and other guide-type articles that are looking for link-juice. Please don't attempt to ask this.

Thank you for considering Tin Shingle. Our readers look forward to hearing from you!