When Instagram Goes Down - What Are Your Next Marketing Moves?


Instagram Withdraw Symptoms Are Real

Instagram and Facebook went down on Sunday morning. The rest of the day will do what it does, maybe the platform will stay up until the next time it goes down, for hopefully only a short time.
The Internet goes down sometimes. It happens. In Twitter's early days, the big blue Fail Whale was common (that was for overcapacity, which is not the same problem Facebook has been dealing with with its suite of social networks). But Instagram? Facebook? They came after that, backed by loads of money, so the idea that they wouldn't work sometimes is incomprehensible. Worse, if all of your marketing eggs are in those baskets, you have no way to connect with your people - immediately - when you need to.

What Do You Do When Instagram Goes Down?

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Feel the feeling. Remember this feeling, and how your brain is scrambling in order to think of how else you are going to reach your people to market to them right now. What are those tools you have?

  • BLOG | Benefits: People who subscribe to your blog via RSS will automatically get updates of your new blog post; the SEO value is real, and your digital footprint will be larger than you realize; people who are traveling all over your website will see these past pages more than they will see old (yet very important and valuable) Instagram posts.

  • NEWSLETTER | Benefits: Instant Inbox. You can email your people.

Plan B

Today's newsletter was going to feature a very well done Instagram account for a private seller of a townhouse, to show you a new style that real estate people could use, but....Instagram was down when we ran production, and we couldn't get the pictures. Plus, nothing would be on the other side of links. But, this is a new timely window of opportunity to get this message to you that we wanted to send the last time Instagram went down!

Our Next TuneUp Is Perfect For This

Last April, 2018, after Facebook's creator Mark Zuckerberg testified before the U.S. lawmakers and the U.K. lawmakers, where more was revealed of how lax Facebook was (and continues to be) with our privacy, Tin Shingle's owner deleted Facebook from her phone. Both the personal and business page apps. She uses Facebook on desktop only now.
Since then, she's been following Facebook news to learn how our business websites, phones, and personal details are extremely exposed and vulnerable by Facebook.
As an extreme digital marketer and teacher of how to use Facebook, could she exist and market on Facebook while not having it so easily accessible on her phone?
Yes. And she learned a few things about the Facebook experience that will help you continue to market there - but better. Register now for Wednesday's live broadcast of the TuneUp.

Good 'Gram: How Blix Bike Is Using Instagram To Stay Fresh And New


Tin Shingle Member Blix Bike has been killing it with their Instagram. Though they sell a handful of products - a variety of models of ebikes and accessories like a basket and touch-up paint - their Instagram feed is always fresh and new. One way they do it is to show customer photos of how customers are enjoying the bikes. See how these two bikes fit into this mini car!