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Tin Shingle's Membership Program brings your buzz-building efforts to the next level.

Get direct access to tools you need to amp up your PR, social strategies, and website power in a rapidly changing world of amazing resources.

Get requests from reporters, editors, stylists and producers for stories they are working on.
Log into Tin Shingle's database of names and email addresses for media contacts at magazines, TV shows, blogs and websites. Plus get insider tips about how to appeal to them!
Get instant access to content planning calendars, media tracking sheets, and other templates to help you plan and execute your PR, social and content market campaigns.
One of Tin Shingle’s most popular offerings, the live and recorded TuneUps. Members get in free and get 24/7 access to stream any TuneUp at any time.

Running a business and building buzz is hard work, and no one understands that better than other like-minded business owners like us!
Success is rooted in big support, and that you deserve to feel confident and positive while you work and build buzz! Powerful motivation and enthusiastic support are woven into everything at Tin Shingle.
List your business in Tin Shingle's exclusive directories: Shopping Guides, Press Portfolio, Membership Business Directory, and the SmallBizDiary Series.

  • Granola Baker

    Hope Lawrence
    Founder Hudson Henry Granola
    To get on the Today Show.
  • Jewelry Designer

    Peggy Li
    Founder Peggy Li Creations
    San Francisco, CA
    To get in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.
  • Digital Marketer

    Nathan Kirk
    Founder Nathan Kirk Designs
    Myrtle Beach, SC
    To get client into USA Today.

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