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Connecting is one of the most important ways of learning, growing and succeeding as you seek exposure in social, digital and print media. Tin Shingle’s TuneUps are live broadcasts of a webinar that takes a deep dive into a trending topic or a big picture strategy. Broadcasting live every Wednesday at 12pm EST, the TuneUp will either be open to the public to watch (then are published to Tin Shingle’s archives for members to stream anytime), or for Tin Shingle Members only to participate in. Find out dates and topics below.


How To Make An Effective Newsletter

Day: Wednesday, October 16th, 2019
Time: 12pm EST
Recently Tin Shingle's owner, Katie, organized the float building and decoration for her children's elementary school. This is done by the school's PTA, and is her main contribution to the PTA each year. It's the 3rd year in a row that she's done this, and it would not have been possible without her sending newsletters to the parents on the PTA list. In addition to the Instagram account she insisted they start feeding photos to (another dormant account!), the praise she has received from other parents has been huge. "This is the most involved I have felt in the float building," one has said. "I love following how you do your emails! How do you get your subscribers?" another exclaimed.

Get the secrets to the success of these newsletters and learn why they worked, and how they drew participants who have never participated before.

This TuneUp is great for people who:

  • Need to get folks to an event.

  • Need to create build-up for a launch or new product/design.

  • Need advance sales for a service or product.

People love following a story. You're going to tell it to them.

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What To Pitch The Media This Month:

Save the 1st Wednesday of Every Month for this exclusive TuneUp

Day: 1st Wednesday Of The Month
Time: 12pm EST

In Tin Shingle's exclusive monthly TuneUp series, "What To Pitch The Media This Month," we zero in on what you should be focusing on right now for your PR and Social Media campaign planning. This is especially important for those of you who want to get featured in national magazines. We will cover what you could be pitching for:

  • Magazines (in print) (story ideas relevant for 6 months from now)

  • Blogs / Podcasts (story ideas relevant for 1 week to 2 months out)

  • TV (story ideas relevant for 1 week to 2 months out)

  • NEW! Seasonal (photo shoots dependent upon weather)

PR Challenge
Power Hour TuneUp

Every other Wednesday at 12pm EST is the Tin Shingle Member-Only TuneUp, where you get to come, turn on your web cam, and get personalized advice and ideas from Tin Shingle's owner Katie. Sometimes, however, the best advice of all comes from other members on the call who have shared experience or a dynamite idea. Watch this video for step-by-step directions on how to get onto the call:

This Power Hour TuneUp is dedicated as the PR Challenge. Small business owners, communications managers, non-profit directors and other makers are invited to call in to this private TuneUp in order to improve their PR strategies and campaigns.

We will be using Tin Shingle’s Exclusive 2019/2020 Content Planner. Click here to download yours now. This is free for All Access Tin Shingle Members. Those who purchase it get lifetime access for all years of new updates.


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Paula secured a feature story with a hyper local website in Houston just before she was set to go to tape a morning show segment also featuring her company's bag styles. During the PR Challenge, as a group, we worked out how she could approach the writer, who had been delaying the story, to turn that delay into a publish. Our strategy worked!

Laura, creator of the app that connects neighbors to receive your packages for you, was featured on a local TV station in her hometown of Florida. How'd she do it? "Repetition and Intensity. I followed Katie's advice after the members-only TuneUp and made a commitment to send my pitch to at least 25 journalists everyday. I used your PR Planning & Tracker to know who I had contacted.

Sierra landed herself a host position at a major cable network for a crafting show. All because she was brainstorming new ways to get the word out, and what she personally wanted to tap into.