Tin Shingle Is A Training Center
For Promoting Your Business

Tin Shingle trains and empowers business owners, makers, artists and staff members in how to get the word out about their business. Be it a non-profit, special project, or even a major call to action, Tin Shingle’s training and community support gets people doing just that - on their own.

Tin Shingle puts the power of PR, Social Media, SEO, and Design theory directly into the hands of business owners, makers and artists by way of a flexible, multi-level PR subscription membership program that includes education, training, directories, media research lists and editorial calendars.

Step 1: Hang Your Shingle To Say: “We’re Open!”

When someone goes into business for themselves, they hang their shingle outside their shop (or proverbial shop, could be a website or simply a business card), and joyously yell: "OPEN For Business!!" There’s actually a step before Step 1 that is “Step .1: Build Anticipation” where you build a following of supporters who are celebrating with you until the big day - and beyond.

Step 2: The Rest Of The Journey To Get The Word Out

You’re not just going to sit there, in your shop, waiting for people to walk in! You must go get them! Build the buzz, and make your business known for something that people come back to and recommend to friends.

The Hustle Of Getting The Word Out

The rest of the journey of bringing business through the door is a hustle. An always-on hustle that requires creative juices, clever thinking, and quick pivots. Here are the Must-Dos that Tin Shingle builds programming around:

  • Reaching out to the media.

  • Cultivating a social media following (even before opening for business).

  • Emailing your newsletter list with exciting developments - no matter how small.

Crafted by business owners for business owners, Tin Shingle's programming trains you in how to get publicity, how to have sha-zam social media streams, and how to master your newsletter marketing. We give you what the professionals know so that your outreach is well-rounded so that more people know about your brand. We give you the lingo, the contacts, the strategy, and the relationship-building techniques so that you (and/or your team) can do this yourself and get the word out.

Weekly Training Webinars - TuneUps

Exclusively produced training webinars called TuneUps are some of the best education around. They are unlike anything you've ever heard because they are rich with how-to information and jazzed with "you can do it!" energy that you need to succeed in getting the media coverage and customer attention you deserve. Tin Shingle's training webinars are inspired by real-life experiences that we call "in-the-trenches-training." Available to stream for free with a Level 3 Online Classes membership, or available to purchase individually. Check to see what live broadcasts we have coming up. Live broadcasts are free to watch if you're available at that moment.

Community Support

Community support is central to our membership program, with different levels of memberships offering layers of buzz-building tools. Membership is flexible and is designed to accommodate your business goals as they change throughout the year. Start by hooking into the Community with a Level 1 membership, and upgrade into the Online Classes or Media Lists when you're ready to train yourself or research people in the media who you want to let know about your brand for possible media coverage.

Media Research Lists

Tin Shingle researches names and provides a database of Media Contacts and Editorial Calendars for national print magazines, blogs, and TV to our top level of membership - the All Access Pass Level 4 - because having names at your finger tips does make your life easier. More important than a list of names, however, Tin Shingle preaches relationship building and learning about who your intended media contact/target is before reaching out to them. Knowing how to pitch those names is the name of the game, and that is what Tin Shingle focuses on.

If you're a business owner, you'll learn through our Training TuneUp webinars how to send an amazing pitch that may be better than a PR agency's. Tin Shingle's get-the-word-out platform is used by business owners, their staff, and individuals who are getting the word out about something they have created who want the freshest ideas that will work for today's social media platforms and changing magazine landscapes. Take a look at our Media Contacts Policy to learn more about how we cultivate our lists.