A Training & Support Platform for Promoting Your Business

Tin Shingle is your DIY PR + Marketing Partner in Crime. The subscription membership packages are designed for small (but mighty!) businesses learning how to get the word out about their business who need insight and intel that the professionals have. Designed for busy business owners, artists, makers, and marketers, you'll get the information you need to stay timely when emailing the media about your business.

Based in real time, Tin Shingle produces free weekly online classes and articles to reach as many innovators as we can. When you're ready to drill down into your PR campaign plan, Tin Shingle has the media contacts you want, the ever-growing archive of online classes (aka TuneUps) and interviews to keep your skills sharp and momentum high.

Trying to get press about your business is a tough job - tough but exciting when it works. All you need is a little mojo...a little mustard in your socks...a little gumption to think really big and trust in your big ideas, and you're halfway there. The rest is the art of pitching the media and spinning a good yarn (story) in social media. That's where Tin Shingle comes in.

Start with the free subscription to our newsletter to be kept in the know of what you could or should be pitching the media with now. Then upgrade your subscription to connect with members, or instantly access our live database of writers, editors, producers and bloggers, and downgrade it when you're working on other areas of your business.

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24/7 Member Center

The Membership Program - DIY PR Planning

Created with flexibility in mind, as well as the core components you need to get the word out about your business:
+ for support and empowerment
+ for content and SEO reach
+ knowledge is power
+ for article ideas and names of the people who write and produce them

Private Client Program

Tin Shingle's Private Services is designed for those who need structured and individualized help and want to cut to the chase of what will work for their business.

Membership with Tin Shingle is like a gym membership - you got to show up for results. Take your business to the gym of Tin Shingle, and you will come away stronger, more exhilarated, supported and thriving.

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Private Services

One-on-One Help