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Are you working on a story and need great products, experts or other ideas? Submit your PR Lead or Special Opportunity to Tin Shingle members and readers to reach a niche audience of small business owners, artists and makers. Bigger brands also are in our audience, as Communication Directors and PR agencies are also readers and members of Tin Shingle, who are tasked with getting PR for their boss or client. Once you submit your lead, we will review it and respond to you if we are going to pass it along, or if it’s not a fit for our audience.

We look forward to hearing from you!

This is a PR Lead form for media professionals only.
It is not for people to submit product as a feature request.
That is called pitching the media, and you should do it! Just not via this form :) Thanks!

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Tin Shingle primarily refers leads that have no fee. If you do require a fee, we need to be up front about that with our readers. Please indicate here if there is a fee.
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