Reading Cosmo

Cosmo is filled with mixed messages, but those that are delivered are worth reading - and ignoring the conflicting ones. Was never allowed to read Cosmo when growing up. But right now, it seems useful as a young person to read. Getting familiar with the different sections for Tin Shingle’s business owners, makers and artists who want to use it to get the word out.


TuneUp Interview with Christina Fagan, Founder Sh*t That I Knit on How She Rocked a Successful Kickstarter Campaign


Join me this week when I interview Christina Fagan, founder of Shit That I Knit, on how she pulled off such a successful Kickstarter campaign when launching her business, raising over $25,000 from 260 backers in 30 days. It's not easy starting a Kickstarter, and requires all of the muscles in your marketing body. It's all of what we preach at Tin Shingle - the outreach, the PR, the social, the emailing, the presentation. The gumption! The enthusiasm.

Tune in Thursday, July 12th at 1pm EST for the free live broadcast. We use GoToWebinar so you can watch from computer or phone, or call-in old fashion-style. Replays are added to Tin Shingle's private collection for Members to stream anytime.

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Keep Going: A PR Placement Will Happen For You If You Keep Trying

ashley longshore art screenshot.jpeg

Scrolling through Instagram one afternoon, this mega artist, Ashley Longshore, was in the feed, holding up a full page feature on her art in the New York Times. She's a pretty hilarious, intense artist who makes bold and empowering statements in her art. If you need a serious pick-me-up to keep going in your artist or entrepreneurial career, do follow her Instagram feed.

She captured her joy at getting the full page feature in the New York Times here in this post, and her message is one you need to see and remember on your PR journey:


Republished from @ashleylongshoreart Instagram:

ashleylongshoreart I just woke up to a PAGE in the New York TIMES!!!! Im sobbing... absolutely sobbing....... just please know.... above all things.... to keep hope and be optimistic.... believe in yourself..... i am a self taught artist from montgomery alabama. I was an insecure nerd. I grew to love myself when the world felt cold and scary.... please.... do the same for yourself.... love yourself and work hard..... believe in the magic of life... i love you..... i love you so much. This moment is absolutely indescribable... #ashleylongshore #popart #fuckyeah


Take a look at how Ashley is making more out of this PR placements, and all of her recent placements. Once you get that press, lift the best parts of it and call it out to your people. To make a graphic like this, you could use the DIY design tool, PicMonkey to doing some fancy flyer work on your phone, or you could hire your graphic designer to do it for you. Either way, it's a good time and/or money investment as you leverage that press to do more for your brand.

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