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Georgia's New Abortion Law Decreases Likelihood Disney, WarnerMedia, NBSUniversal and Others Would Film There

From the must-open daily email that is Morning Media Newsfeed produced by AdWeek, this news is just in. Several sources are reporting that major media companies including Disney, NBCUniversal, WarnerMedia (HBO, TNT, TBS), and CBS are strongly indicating that they may not select Georgia for filming and production locations if the new strict abortion law goes into effect.

In the words of the Morning Media Newsfeed article, with linked sources:


A day after Disney CEO Bob Iger said it would be “difficult” for the media giant to produce TV shows and films in Georgia given its strict new abortion law, a handful of major media companies have added their voices to the chorus in a series of Thursday statements. (Deadline)

WarnerMedia—the parent company of movie giant Warner Bros. and cable networks HBO, TNT and TBS, among other entertainment properties—on Thursday joined Netflix and Disney in saying that it will “reconsider” doing business in Georgia if the law takes effect. (HuffPost)

In its own statement on Thursday, NBCUniversal said that the bill, if actually enacted, would “strongly impact our decision-making” for production in the area. AMC, which films tentpole The Walking Dead in the state, also spoke up on Thursday afternoon. (THR)

Finally, CBS and Showtime issued a statement on the recent abortion legislation in Georgia and other states, saying that they “may not be viable locations for our future production” should the law take effect. (Variety)