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Tin Shingle's website gets over 25,000 views per month from business owners and marketers looking to up their game in the PR and Digital Marketing worlds. We cover the nitty-gritty of tips and tricks, strategies and success stories. Tin Shingle's readers write us with questions, and we seek the most unique answers from experienced experts. Pitch us an idea and it could appear on Tin Shingle.


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  • Byline: Authors of "Ask the Expert" get a 2-3 sentence bi-line in their article that can link to your website(s). Includes headshot.
  • Promotion: Articles are Tweeted, Instagrammed and Facebooked. Some articles are the feature article in our newsletter to our free subscriber base. For articles that highly focus on your product and how it helps the world, please see our Branded Content opportunities, where it may be more appropriate.

Ask the Expert

Some of the best ideas come from questions asked by those around you, or your clients. Love the little questions!

Tip Sheets

Break it down, point by point. Get the heart of the issue by presenting your top tips for an issue.


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