LAST UPDATED: 5/30/2018

Tin Shingle values your privacy, and wants you to know how we work here to collect  - or not collect  - information about you. This Privacy Policy explains who we are, and and the tools we use to get information to you. We describe how


Tin Shingle is an online marketing and training center platform designed to help business owners, artists, communication specialists and others get the word out about their business.

Tin Shingle is headquartered 60 miles north of NYC, in Beacon, NY, which is in the Hudson Valley in the beautiful state of New York.

Primarily, we provide training through articles on this website for our readers to read, training videos called TuneUps for our members to watch or for readers to buy, a database of Media Contacts and Editorial Calendars that we research and make available to our members to search through, and we manage a forum on this website and private Facebook Group for members to connect with us and each other.

The Service we sell is a membership to gain access to these tools. We sell Private Services where we work directly with clients to train them or create strategy for their outreach. Tin Shingle also sells ads directly to companies who we think are a good fit for our readership.


Readers of this website are not tracked, yet can be seen in an anonymous way via Google Analytics and Squarespace. We do not download or store this information. Any information is governed by the Privacy Policies of those 3rd party vendors.


Information You Provide to Us:
Information you provide to us includes your contact information for purchasing membership or a product, such as a TuneUp or Template. You create an account at Tin Shingle and can log into update that account whenever you need to. Credit cards are not stored on this website, and are managed by our third party vendors who process the checkout and manage any recurring billing. Those vendors are and Recurly.

Information We Collect Automatically
Currently at this time, we don't have tracking devices installed on this website in order to re-market to you. We are able to see your activity on this website through an anonymized process at Google Analytics. Google Analytics tracks the behavior of all users of Tin Shingle, but does not identify who you are.

We also have analytics at the Tin Shingle website, where we can see what pages logged in users are looking at. We currently have that feature turned off. We do not download this information.

We currently do not, and have never, used Facebook Pixel or a third party Facebook product.

Email Addresses
When you subscribe to our email list, we do not share that list with anyone. We currently do not, and have never, uploaded our email list into Facebook, Twitter, or any third party application offering re-marketing tools to target customers with targeted ads. We have taken our marketing old-school.


The people who work in the media who are in Tin Shingle’s Media Contact Library are folks we have found by seeing their name in a magazine, on a website, on a podcast, on the radio, or on TV. Any information we discover about them is from their public social media accounts and portfolio websites. Any emails provided are work emails. Any personal emails are included only if they are on a portfolio website of that person in the media.

The Media Contact Library is private for Tin Shingle Members only. This information is not uploaded to any third party applications, and is managed on this website only. If you would like to not be included in our Media Contact Library, please email and we will address it right away.