Deconstructing the Pitch: Designer of Animal Furniture Featured in Architectural Digest

The designer Porky Hefer was featured on the back page of Architectural Digest. The back page is just behind the back cover of the book, so it’s a great placement. How did he get the full page feature?

We’ve deconstructed the elements highlighted in the article to expose what the pitch from the designer or his people (but most likely the guild he is part of in this case) read like.

Highlights covered in our analysis of the article include:

Shock Value

Enviromental Connection


Celebrity Connection

Donation Element

Read the full deconstruction of how this pitch to an editor at Architectural Digest may have read like. It’s a reminder to you that your pitches must be very focused on one aspect of what you offer. Not your entire business or collection.  

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#Magazining: Who Are You Reading This Weekend?

Who are you reading this weekend? Pitching the media becomes so much easier when you know what they covered, who else covered it, how they covered it, and where your story angle fits in.


Easily fill up your PR Planning and Tracking Template with story angle ideas for the myriad of ways different media outlets could feature your business or product or service expertise.

Download the template from the Template section of this website. Free for All Access Pass Members of Tin Shingle!

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#Magazining - The Most Enjoyable Homework When Doing Your Own PR

Favorite homework one can do when doing their own PR: #magazining or as we also call it,  “media monitoring.” It’s the time when you can absorb how these magazines are spinning ideas 💡, and inspiring readers. It’s the time a DIY PR (translate: artist, maker, busniness owner, innovator doing their own PR) thinks 🤔 up ways to get their businesses mentioned.

Media monitoring is how you make your own luck, and make your own PR happen. Tin Shingle has the tools to help you do that. Join us. Already a subscriber to our free newsletter? Upgrade to a pro level and dig into our classes, databases, and community.


Training TuneUp Streaming Now: PR Planning and What to Pitch for August

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Major PR opportunities are happening in August. You simply need to know about them, and get into the mindset of going after them. This TuneUp reveals major editorial themes that big magazines are working on, and how you can spin your business into a possible feature. Tin Shingle gives you the tools to pitch your ideas into the media. The most important tool, however, is the right idea at the right time. This TuneUp will bring you closer to the winning pitch.


Newspaper Column Debut for Tin Shingle's Owner

Tin Shingle Gets Good Ink

Working with kids can be challenging (ok, very challenging), but can have payoffs. It's a hot topic in the world because so many of you do it!

Tin Shingle's owner, Katie Hellmuth Martin, has just debuted her first monthly column for the hyper-local paper, The Highlands Current.

“Kid Friendly” is a love-inspired column about kids and the realities of having them. Topics that will be tackled include entertainment, interior design, food, fitness, events, working-parent life, childcare. All the things we need to do in order to make kid-friendly work. You can read the first column here!

Being published in ink alongside local journalists is a huge honor, and writing about this subject matter is important to Katie, as so many working parents navigate the life/kid balance on a daily basis.

Local Tin Shinglers Can Submit Ideas

This column will feature businesses, events, shops, experts and service providers whenever possible. Features must be from Beacon, NY or Cold Spring, NY. Ideas for the months ahead are below, and more details and contact information has been added to Tin Shingle's Special Opps PR Lead section for Level 4 All Access Pass members to access at any time.

This is a mini-editorial calendar idea list for the column, and actual themes may change.

Back to Work - Working With Kids (and Snow Days!)

Over Scheduled

Giving Back

Holiday Realness

Interior Design

Love inspired


This Could Be Good - A New Disability Insurance Provider from Freelancers Union Founder

Happy Money Monday!

For the creative, or the self-employed, a sick day often means no pay. Disability insurance is usually too expensive to consider. Perhaps until now...

One of the best known advocates for freelancers and self-employed people is Sara Horowitz. She is an attorney, a MacArthur Award Winner, the founder of Working Today, and the founder of the Freelancers Union which is a way for self-employed people to get health insurance before Obamacare.

Sara is now the founder of Trupo, a disability insurance provider for self-employed people.

If you break your hand, and you're a writer, you're in a pickle. If you hurt your back and you're on bed-rest and you're a wedding videographer, you're not going out on jobs.

These are real life fears that most small business owners live with and hope they never happen. Disability insurance can be hundreds of dollars a month, and you've got a payroll to make and inventory to buy.

Trupo, which is funded by venture capital firms and partially owned by the Freelancers Union (Sara says that part of the earnings from Trupo will go back to the Freelancers Union to continue their advocacy work), is setting out to pay its insured for up to 8 weeks of work at 50% the rate that would be your normal intake if you were working.

Trupo is rolling out first in Atlanta, GA. So if you're down there, sounds like you can go Beta with them. Everyone else can sign up for their newsletter here to be kept in the loop, and you can keep an eye on their progress on Instagram.

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PR Portfolio Additions!
Congratulations to Tin Shingle Member Kryzia Kreations - Jewelry design by Christina Paluszek-McClure for the feature in HelloGiggles for "25 Non Traditional Engagement Rings That Won't Break The Bank" Well deserved media hit that she got from doing her own PR using Tin Shingle advanced Membership Program! Tin Shinglers are able to celebrate their PR hits by featuring them on Tin Shingle's website in the Press Portfolio section.

Article Published! A Tin Shingle Member, Christine Agro, Spiritual Teacher & Clairvoyant, Author and Speaker, wrote a piece for Thrive Global on Negative Self Talk, and it went viral!

Member Update: Media Contacts Updated + Member-To-Member Conversations

Easy-Access List of Editors + Writers at Magazines

When you're doing your own PR and getting the word out, you need to think big. Of course you can get featured in a big magazine! You just need to pitch the right person. How do you find that right person?

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We have recently updated media contacts at O, the Oprah Magazine, Ebony, Shape, Elle Decor, and others. Now, you can see exactly when each name in our database has been updated because we added a time-stamp to each name with the date of which it was updated.

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DailyWorth Online Magazine Change of Ownership - Acquired By Jean Chatzky

daily worth home page.jpeg

Happy Money Monday!

In honor of today's Money Monday, we're updating you about the exciting news over at the online magazine, DailyWorth. Founded 10 years ago by Amanda Steinberg, it has long been the go-to source of information for women's financial needs and questions, delivered in an honest way that Normal People can understand.

We've watched the online magazine itself go through many changes, including major newsletter design changes (we watch them closely for what is working or not working, as newsletter-based websites are very effective), and changes in editors and contributing writers. They even had a paid membership of experts at one point.

The New Owner of DailyWorth, Jean Chatzky

Jean Chatzky is the new owner, and she was an early investor in DailyWorth. Jean is the Financial Editor of NBC's TODAY Show, as well as the host of her own podcast, HerMoney, and the creator of the community HerMoney private Facebook Group.

How You Can Pitch DailyWorth

Our Super Sleuther Ashley Cox 🕵 is on the case to update Tin Shingle's Super Easy Media Contacts Database (available to All Access Pass Members at Level 4), verifying new or current Media Contacts at DailyWorth who would make a great fit for your feature idea.

You'll want DailyWorth if you want to gain exposure from a wide audience of women who are looking to improve their financial lives and make smart life and business decisions.

Ideas for Why You'd Pitch DailyWorth

This is a great source for service-industry experts who are looking to gain exposure for their brands, and want to be quoted as an expert - even if you're not a financial expert. If you know how to guide someone in the right direction of making a financially smart decision, this is an outlet to pitch.

Service Industry Ideas:

  • How you have mastered writing and/or designing proposals that get accepted.
  • How to get paid - and not ignored on an invoice.
  • How you've mastered being awarded grant money.
  • How to feed your family as a self-employed person.
  • How to work from home with kids (either big kids, or little kids...pick a focus).
  • How to employ your kids and pay them through your business (usually an accountant's trick).

Ideas for People Who Sell Products

Pitch perhaps less for the actual product, and more for the financially smart side of you and decisions you've made and learned from.

  • Did you finance your business using a creative solution?
  • What was your experience working with a bank?
  • Products that have to do with managing or saving money are of course great candidates to pitch!
  • Do you advise people on how to work with non-profits, or best ones to donate to?

So many ideas. These suggestions will get you started.

How to Hook In with DailyWorth and HerMoney

You want Jean on your side! She wants to know about the great money things you are doing. And you want her advice, and that of her community of experts. Start listening and reading. This will make your pitching easier, so that we can watch or read what you have to say!

How To Be A Known Entrepreneur and Expert In Your Industry

So you want to be a go-to expert in your industry? Are you hoping to reach more people and get your message out there, building buzz for your business and your brand, but perhaps you're not sure where to begin? This Training TuneUps webinar will give you a jumpstart in the right direction.

Love This Hashtag - #magazining!

Just discovered the best hashtag for people who love magazines - #magazining! Hello to everyone in there already! Adding it to Tin Shingle’s Hashtag Cheat Sheet for members of Tin Shingle.

i was inspired by our recent TuneUp with the painter Anna West who spends a lot of her time finding smaller groups of people in very relevant hashtags, and prefers “fun” ones. Her definition of Little is 20,000 posts in a hashtag. Even though #magazining has 200, the people who are in it seem just our type here at Tin Shingle - those who love thumbing through a print magazine, some of whom were quoted in the issue.

hopefully more people will use the hashtag! And, maybe I just finally found the name for Tin Shingle’s Blog. Even though we deal with TV press also. But maybe everyone would get the drift. A love of media. 

Find our Hashtag Cheat Sheet in the Community Boards of our PR Center on the website! 

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