New PR Lead: Galentine’s Day Gift Guide


Tin Shingle Members can log in for details and click on the PR Leads tab, but here’s the gist:

Seeking Galentine's Day Gifts for a big gift website.


Must be $100 and under.

Before you submit - be honest with yourself - is the product you are thinking of really good for a girl gifting her friend?

If selected, the final photo must be sent in a high resolution with an all white background.

Due Saturday.


Name of Product.

Pretty picture of it (get it on a white background if you can, or it can have a cool backdrop). Keep this picture a low resolution so that it can email easily. Use the high resolution if you get chosen.

Link to specific offering.

Cost of product.

2-3 sentences about what it is and why it's a great Galentine's Day Gift. Keep this super short! Seriously - you are basically texting this to the media person.

Good luck and keep us posted! 


“What Do You Do With Your Magazines? Can I Have Them?”

People have been seeing the magazines in our Instagram feed and blog. The print. The physical books. And they’ve been asking: “What do you do with your old magazines? Can I have them?”

Answer: I KEEP them! Proud magazine collector over here. How you gonna collage with no pages? You can’t collage your Instagram! Unless you print it. And that’s work. Where you gonna find the easy amazing pictures? What inspiration are you going to hang on your walls? Subscribe! Get them to your door! At this point, they are a dollar. an. issue.

Will this help the big magazine industry stay afloat? Will this help journalists, artists and production people stay in their jobs? Maybe. Probably not because corporate thinking at magazines - excuse me - “brands” - are behaving erratically and cutting off their arms by stopping printing magazines.  You know what? The indie magazines are going to do well (if they market right) while these corporate leaders at magazines like Glamour, Seventeen and Redbook get confused and cut their arms off.


Morning Work: TuneUp and 2019 Resolutions Prep

Prepping for today’s TinShingle TuneUp: practicing what I’m about to preach during the Inspiration section: unplug from computer at least 1 Morning a week to do Morning Work. This means kid’s forms and #magazining. One of my 2019 Resolutions is to read more magazines and Media Monitor. This is how it’s getting done.

Tune in today with me at 3pm EST to hear action steps for Polishing Your Brand During the Winter. Now is the perfect time to lose the old and replace with new content, new designs, new bold moves. Sign up for in the TuneUps section, or here:


Happy Money Monday: Stay Ahead Of It


Happy Money Monday!

Simple tip for you this Monday - because you are going to kick booty this week:

Stay ahead of what you need to pay, or be paid.

If you owe someone a bill right now, go ahead and pay it. We've all been there. Even the small amounts. Just pay them, and get that bill off of someone else's to do list. You'll feel much better.

If someone owes you a bill, send them a kindly reminder. Or if you use Quickbooks, have Quickbooks auto-email them the bill again.

If someone owes you for work, but you haven't invoiced them yet, invoice them today! Don't worry if you feel that it's been too long. You did a great job for them, now just bill for it.

If you need help keeping track of everything, download Tin Shingle's Expenses + Income Tracker spreadsheet. It's a place to put the bills for your brain. You could use apps and software for this, but sometimes a simple spreadsheet suffices.

If you need a better place to track your client work, download Tin Shingle's Client Project Time Tracker. Easily know what projects are complete and open.

2019 Editorial Calendar for WSJ. The Magazine Now Available at Tin Shingle

front page.png

The Wall Street Journal Magazine’s editorial calendar has been added to Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar database, which makes discovering article ideas easier for you!

As the world’s leading luxury magazine covering art, entertainment, fashion, travel, design and more, there is ample opportunity for pitching your unique brand to the magazine of WSJ. Recent articles at the publication include:

Jazz Musician Kamasi Washington’s Favorite Things

Ghetto Gastro Opens Labyrinth 1.1, Their New HQ in the Bronx

The 16 Best Denim Looks for Him and Her

What’s On Deck for 2019 WSJ. Magazine Issues

recent links.png

This year’s themes at WSJ. include a hotly anticipated Spring Fashion series, with one issue dedicated towards women’s fashion and another focused on men’s styles. What or who will you be wearing this season? Or will they be wearing you? They just might!

Their summer issue will focus on seasonal destinations, escapes and activities. Who can resist a relaxing getaway, a well deserved respite from the bitterness of winter. Also, an entire issue is being dedicated to the INNOVATORS of our time.

Be inspired and find your creative launchpad with the WSJ. editorial calendar, available in Tin Shingle’s PR Center with an All Access Pass of Membership (Level 4). Find every deadline, every theme and anything else you need to know to make your pitch a successful one.

Additionally, Tin Shingle’s community is available to you to bounce ideas off of. Everyone needs support when getting ideas out there. All Access Pass Members get free group-consulting sessions every other Wednesday during our Private Training TuneUp sessions.

Happy Money Monday! 5 Tricks To Get Paid Quickly + New Client Work

happy monday pink sequins.PNG

Happy First Money Monday of the New Year!

Keeping up the momentum from 2018, we are going to glide into 2019 with that same bit of enthusiasm and positive thought for what will happen. Making that easier on you is getting paid, getting paid faster, and greenlighting more new projects. If you provide a service to people, you know you are the Hustler In Chief, and you are in charge of bringing in new work, getting paid for that work, and nurturing a family of happy clients - clients you picked by putting out there the type of people and projects that are good fits for your business - and then treating them well.

Keeping an eye on the positive, here’s how you’re going to get paid faster this year, and how you’re going to greenlight more new work - without compromising your price. I’m a pay up front kind of girl. None of us have time to chase rainbows and payments anywhere after 10 days - so the whole 60 or 90 day terms thing is a thing of the past for you. Who can live on that?

Offer Payment Plans

Thanks to payment subscription services from Recurly, Paypal (haven’t tried Squarespace’s yet, so can’t vouch for it) and even perhaps your own merchant bank, you could offer payment plans on larger projects that might make it easier for a client to pay. Consider offering incentives to your client to pay in full, or on a tighter schedule. If you do a payment schedule, like 50% up front, and 25% at Point A and the final 25% at Point B, be sure to kindly stop the work if the payment doesn’t arrive on schedule.
PRO: When using an automated payment plan subscription service, the payments come in on time, automated. No more billing and chasing payments.
CON: If the business goes out of business, your payments might end. Be sure you structure a timeline that is not too long. This is also difficult if you have to pay sub-contractors who do not wish to be paid on payment plans. Have enough cash on hand to make payroll and pay your contractors their bills.

Monthly Retainers

Monthly retainers are dreamy for some, and if you have a client ready to commit, this can be good for both of you. The client knows what to budget each month, and you know how much work to put in. Just be sure to keep track of the time your team is spending on each client. If you begin to put more time in than budgeted, you should kindly bring this up with your client and revisit the budget, or the scope of work.
RECOMMENDED: Present a Status Report at the end of each month to let your client know what you did for them.

Pre-Paid Project Packages

There’s nothing worse than chasing payment for a flyer design. It’s only $30, gah! This is where Pre-Paid Project Packages come in handy. Either estimate spot-on how much a smaller job will cost and bill that amount, or if the client sends in little jobs over the course of the month or couple months, then encourage them to pre-purchase a package of time (discount it if you want), and credit your work to that. Deliver a Status Report to them to let them know how their time is being spent, and how much time is left. Our number for a small job is $2,000. Anything under that gets paid in full before the job starts.

Credit Card Billing - Bye Bye Check

All of these recommendations are based on the fact that you accept credit cards. Getting paid via credit card is much faster. If you don’t like the credit card fee, simply build this into your overall cost of services. Credit card payments will be difficult with corporate clients. But you could try. Unless your payment amount is just too high to justify the credit card fee. Consider Direct Deposit, and offer a (tiny) discount.

Pay After The Work Is Done

This is the traditional way of getting paid - billing after the work is done. This can also be where the race is on for chasing that payment. You may want to consider nixing this, or only offering to clients with “Good Credit History” with you. I’m not talking Dun & Bradstreet or Transunion. I’m talking Good Credit History with YOU. Do they pay quickly and on time? If so, they can remain in the Pay After The Work Is Done crowd.

Reading Inc. While Walking: Fitting As The Article Encouraged Moving


Some people read in the bathroom. I read while walking. Another reason to read in print - most people judge (and shouldn’t) people looking at or reading screen devices. But less so when it’s an actual book, magazine or newspaper! One just looks like a nerd. Who hopefully doesn’t trip while walking.

Anyway - the point is - great point presented by Thomas Goetz in Inc. for his Launch Pad column in Inc. Magazine. He asks: “Can your business pass The Donut Test?” The Donut tastes really good and people really want it, but should you make it for them? What are the consequences of what your business makes (no offense to our donut making friends who have built businesses on donut making shops and other treats!)

Thomas presents his example with with Facebook News Feed, which Greg Marra, then a Facebook product manager talking to Thomas when Thomas was at Wired magazine, likened to people just eating a bunch of donuts. Facebook thought to just give the people more donuts since that’s what they wanted. But if you talk to people, Greg said, they said “I actually want to eat fewer donuts and maybe have a kale smoothie.”

Hard core anti-kale people will throw rotten tomatoes at this concept (I’m eating salted seaweed chips right now!), but you get it. If you keep feeding the people just donuts, the people will be angry, depressed, and probably illness ridden. So can the business switch it up? And is your business doing something to improve people’s lives. Help them move. Feel better with no crashes. Bring people together.

It was a good read.

NEW 2019 Editorial Calendars Added: Elle, O The Oprah Magazine, Men's Health, Shape


Editorial Calendars are the grand themes that a magazine rallies around each month or quarter. Magazines want the best of the best, so they make these available to the public to know about. Tin Shingle goes out and gathers all of them to put them into our easy and searchable Editorial Calendar Database to have these ideas at your fingertips. Search by Magazine Title or Area of Interest, let your ideas form, and start pitching!

Latest Magazines Added (get the full list here):

  • Country Living

  • Elle

  • Men’s Health

  • O, The Oprah Magazine

  • Shape

  • WSJ. The Magazine


TIME TIP: Magazines are working on Spring and Summer issues right now.

Town & Country

The Summer Issue PLUS T&C 50 Philanthropists

Vogue Knitting
The Needle Guide (publishes in July)

Harper's Bazaar + Elle
The Beauty Issue is coming up for both publications.

Elle Decor
The Italy Issue

Entrepreneur Magazine
The Best Services For Businesses


Fear not - that’s what Tin Shingle’s Community is here for! Everyone needs a jam session to think of reasons why to pitch your favorite, most desired magazine - to give them a great reason of why to feature your business (for free, after all...that's what organic PR is).

Get the magazine into your hot little hands. Not the tablet, but the paper version. Experience it as it was designed.

Dive into the magazine and start reading and skimming the articles, the roundups, the call-outs.

Pay attention to what names are credited to writing features that make sense to you - where your brand could fit in.

These names will be your targets. You will want to pitch this person you find with a possible idea, or a set of tips, or a photo of your product and the special angle that makes it a perfect thing for them to feature to their trusted readership.

Keep a record of these names in your PR Planning & Tracking Template. Start following them on Twitter and Instagram to get to know them. What do they like talking about? What are they writing about?

Pitch them. AKA Email them. There are loads of Tin Shingle Training TuneUps on how to do this, but you’re going to do it. Put yourself out there, and pitch a lot. More than you’re comfortable with. And then follow up. Pitching once is the tip of the ice-burg.

Just make sure you’re pitching someone really relevant to the subject matter, and not someone who you just have the name of :) That’s when the email is sure to get deleted.


Because you're special, and you created something awesome. Feeling blocked and nervous is totally normal.

Connect with us directly in Tin Shingle's Community. It's the entry-level of membership, so is super easy and affordable. Gives you access to our online support group to ask your questions, get ideas. Celebrate when you do get press. The All Access level of membership gets you group consulting sessions every other Wednesday, in our Private TuneUp sessions.

Get with us! And start getting yourself out there (even) more.

Inc. Magazine's 2019 Editorial Calendar Added to Tin Shingle's Collection for Members

inc magazine editorial calendar added screenshot.jpeg

Inc. Magazine Has Been Added To Tin Shingle's 2019 Editorial Calendar Database. You'll find themes like "Founders Project: Legends" and "How I Did This". Many more story ideas are possible for any issue of Inc. Magazine, but knowing the overall theme may help you know when to be more aggressive when targeting the magazine as your perfect fit.

Find this magazine and more in Tin Shingle's Collection, to make it easier for you think of feature ideas for your business at different magazines. It's all about the right timing, and the right person.

Media Monitoring: Inc. Features TruDog; Cedits Shopify and Facebook for Growth

Media Monitoring 🧐and inspiration with Inc. Magazine: Tru Dog was featured in the back pages (being that I’m left handed, I read the back first - easier to flip through) for their success in building a frozen raw dog food brand.

Started by Lori R. Taylor after her dog had cancer and she realized that regular dog food was like feeding him fast food every day, and that raw food was closer to a dog’s natural diet. Currently True Dog has $1.5 million in monthly recurring revenue. They tried a subscription model early on, but really surged after investing in a Shopify Plus website and targeted Facebook. Now TruDog is #39 on 2018 Inc. 5000 list.

This profile is in Inc.’s Winter 2018/2019 “Surge Cities” issue. Find out when Other themes are being published in Inc. by taking a peek in their yearly Editorial Calendar, available in a Tin Shingle’s searchable collection. Available at the All Access Pass Level if Membership.