How Concious Living Expert Christine Agro Landed 2 Morning Show Segments At Once

Christine Agro is a member of Tin Shingle and therefore a friend. When I saw in her social feeds that she was on a plane preparing to fly to Connecticut to film a morning show segment, I reached out right away to learn more about the big PR score, in order to find out more about how she did it, and share it here with you Tin Shinglers.

Christine was kind enough to give us the pitching play by play! For anyone pitching the media, if you need help with your actual pitch email, Tin Shingle’s Pitch Whisperer Program is a direct level of help that you can use. Available the public, we can write your pitch from scratch. Available to Members of Tin Shingle, you can copy/paste your draft email into our special Pitch Whisperer Forum and get feedback on it from myself and other members. Outside viewpoints are so valuable!

Here’s how the pitching-to-air-time went down:

Pitching August - February

I started pitching TV segments at the end of August. Each week, I sent out a new pitch.

A Response In February! Of…”No Thank You”

At the end of February, I got a ‘no thank you’ from my contact at Fox32 in Chicago. This was the first response I received from her. I took it as a good sign!

Pivots On Her Pitching In March

In Mid-March, I had pitches set to go, but decided to look what else was happening in March. It turned out the following week was Introvert week.

I was in Miami to do a talk, but I still sent my pitches out.

In my MotivateHer group program, I’ve been working with my clients to step up and into being more visible. Dealing with fears, anxieties, uncertainties. I work with them on the energetic difference between Beyonce on the red carpet of the MTV awards as a correspondent - vs - the Beyonce that stepped fully into her Bey-ness two years later.

I’ve been doing the same work on myself. While in Miami, I was sitting in mediation and looked at where I wanted the visibility – mostly, but there was still a part of me that was holding back. I peeled that away and the next day…

I heard back from two producers. The one in Chicago and one in Connecticut. Both wanted me to come in that week, but I was in Miami. I responded that I was not available and asked what other dates they had. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Very key! Christine was persistent. She presented the other dates.]

Both came back with options and I scheduled them both. Chicago asked me to fill out a form with suggested intro and outro (that surprised me). Connecticut asked for a few speaking points.


While waiting for my plane to Chicago, I felt that familiar feeling of ‘why did I say I would do this’ – the Introverts Dilemma, I call it.

I realized that despite having the energy tools to deal with this, in the past, I let it overcome me and did what I teach my students not to do - pushed it down, or away and tried to manage it.

With 3 hours to wait, I decided to get to work on this energy. I started picking apart the energy, identifying what it was made up of, decided whether it had merit (none of it did) cleared it all out and by the time I got on the set in Chicago, I was great.


I had hair and make-up done for both morning shows.

Chicago: the show had a Blue Room. A producer took me into the studio where I waited for the anchor to come and do the interview.

Connecticut: A producer brought me into the studio and had a row of chairs for guests to sit and wait while the entire show was happening right in front of me. I had a tiny bit of energy come up but I cleared it here too.


I followed up right away with thank you notes that I sent via email.

One week later, I resumed pitching them with new ideas!

Today's TuneUp: Overcoming Performance and Pitch Anxiety With Christine Agro

tuneup sign overcoming pitch and lerformance anxiety.jpg

Do you have tons of ideas of who to pitch at what magazine, or what TV segment you'd be perfect for?

But do you not pitch it? Do you just dream it?

You might be suffering from Performance Anxiety (which we have given ourselves permission to stretch over to Pitching the Media as well).

Today we talk with Conscious Living Expert and Tin Shingle Member Christine Agro of Awaken and Grow. Christine had been pitching herself as an expert for months, but was not getting the responses she wanted. Register here for the free version of this live TuneUp webinar!

Then she landed two morning show segments.

Today we found out:

1. How she did that.

2. How she nailed her performance on camera.

3. What she discovered when she went through anxiety and regret after landing the segments.

Christine's going to teach us how to identify Performance Anxiety, and how to get through it.

More About Christine

Christine Agro is a Conscious Living Expert, a Spiritual teacher, and a Clairvoyant. She supports women in realizing their dreams, experiencing the support they need to be successful, and in developing a personal process to maintain balance and calm and deepen their connection to their own inner sight.

Christine has been seen on ABC, FOX, Good Morning Connecticut, Good Day Chicago, Late Night with Seth Meyers, featured in The New York Times and seen in Elite Daily, Ladders, VICE, Brides and Ask Men.

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Next TuneUp: Overcoming Pitch & Performance Anxiety

Do you have a list of magazines or TV shows that you want to pitch your brand to, but just haven’t yet? Then this TuneUp is for you…

Overcoming Pitch and Performance Anxiety

When: Wednesday, May 15,2019
Time: 12pm EST
Where: At your computer or on your phone.
Price: Free for all during this live broadcast.

When Tin Shingle member Christine Agro of Awaken and Grow landed not 1, but 2 morning show segments featuring her as an expert in her field, we reached out right away to get the full scoop on how she did that. Her answers are coming to your inbox next, but you get a cherry on top of actually getting to hear about the morning show appearance from Christine herself during tomorrow's TuneUp!
Beyond the TV pitching tips she'll have for you, and the behind-the-scenes of actually being in the TV studio waiting for her big day on television, Christine is going to share with you the major revelation she had about this experience: How her Performance Anxiety almost didn't let it happen.

Performance Anxiety :: The Paralysis Creator

What is Performance Anxiety? Christine will explain, but let's put it this way:

  • If you fear pressing send on a pitch to the media...

  • If you don't even attempt to go for TV segments...

  • If you don't even attempt to go for big magazine placement...

  • If you don't reach out to others to partner for cross-promotional opportunities...

Then you may be suffering from Performance Anxiety.
Christine is going to walk us through what it is, how to identify it, and how to walk through it to get rid of it.
Then you can walk into the success you deserve!
Join Katie live at 12pm EST to get ideas for your PR outreach. This Live version of the Training TuneUp is free for all to listen/watch. It is recorded and added to the list of TuneUps that Tin Shingle Members can stream at anytime.

Re-Run of "This Day Will Not Take Me"

this day will not take me.jpeg

Although we first ran this last Tuesday, because every day is different and your current Monday may be a little questionable, we’re going to spin this motivational message again:

Happy Monday!

You know how a Monday goes...You might have plans for it, but you never really know how it's going to turn out. It's definitely like riding a bucking bronco, and you're either in the rhythm, or you're not.

Last week we were pretty optimistic about the Monday, but got thrown off kilter with competing to-do list items. Which prompted this message to be created that following Tuesday: "This Day Will Not Take Me: fuel the focus."

Just in case you're having a questionable Monday, you can use this quote poster as a help to put you back on course.

If you're impacted by the weather, here in the northeast it's been a little chilly and overcast, as it is today. Sunshine always makes things better, and if it is instead cold, foggy and otherwise bone-chilling in the spring for you, know this:

Make your own sunshine.

PR Challenge Starts Today :: Member's Only TuneUp

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How It Works:

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2. Business Angle: Pick 1 aspect of your business you want to generate PR for.

3. Story Angles: We are going to think up story angles, and you are going to start writing the pitch.

Meanwhile, you are going to submit your email pitch drafts to Tin Shingle's Pitch Whisperer in our forums, called the Community Boards.

For the next 4 weeks, we will revisit these themes, and look at who you pitched, and how to follow up with them.

Join in! Membership required. Activate membership first, then hit this link to get the registration.

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Happy Tuesday: This Day Will Not Take Me

Yesterday was a tricky Monday. Filled with feelings of kicking booty butt, accompanied by all of the necessary visions for doing so, there were monkey wrenches about. Tuesday is a new day, often one that allows for a pulled focus on the top priorities left over from Monday.

As a business owner, you’re the only one making it happen. Meaning, there is no boss setting the rules for you. There is no formula you can step into. You are making the formula. Triggers can set this out of whack, and just know that you will bounce back.

Yesterday, despite feeling actually great, the childcare trigger tilted me. I made the choice to pull back on childcare, and it is currently smashing me. Yet I find hope in it. Yet it’s like water skiing, straddling the wake of each side instead of parallel skis.

It’s also tax season for some, those of us living in Extension Land. The last years I’d been an A student for this, but didn’t call my accountant for 2 things, and those things bit me (mistakenly taking out IRA contribution pre tax from paycheck, and not trusting Quickbooks automation for reconciling...instead opting to search for needles in haystacks...apparently their automation tool is good! So am getting a lesson in how to use it.).

But the silver lining is this: many are apparently getting audited this year, for expenses claims vs the new standard deduction. This gave us a chance to omit some personal expenses as freelance based people, to hopefully not trigger an audit. Nothing actually bad happened yesterday, and in fact good news was delivered, and problems solved. But the headspace of distraction tilted the day.

New day! Stay the course. Keep the focus. Go back to work. You know what you need to do. You’ve got this, Business Owner, Artist or Maker.

Pro Tip: Try filing. If you’ve got a buildup of papers not filed, take yourself to Target or your local paper or stationery store right now and buy some pretty file boxes (for the guys...whatever suits you). Buy yourself a pretty file cabinet from Pottery Barn if you need something sturdier. Start filing. This can trigger the completion energy in your brain, allowing you more fluidity in your thoughts to complete what you need to. Even folding and putting away laundry could have the same affect. 


Happy Monday! Today You're Going To Kick Booty Butt (but actually this...)

Photo Credit:    Katie James, Inc.

Photo Credit: Katie James, Inc.

Happy Monday!
Simple message for you today. Today you are going to kick bootie butt. Here's what we're working on for you at Tin Shingle:

  • Updating Media Contacts for O, The Oprah Magazine, the digital version.

  • Updating contacts for Women's Day Magazine (a great source for health, fitness and wellness experts, as well as gift guide and product roundup opportunities).

  • Gathering juicy highlights from Facebook's annual announcement platform, referred to as the F8 developer conference, where they announce where they say they are going in the year ahead...

Stay tuned to your inbox!

Updating Woman’s Day Magazine in Tin Shingle’s Media Contact & Idea Library

Have you considered pitching Woman’s Day Magazine for your outreach? You should. Woman’s Day speaks to a wide range of women and champions healthy living in their pages, as well as food, fitness, environmentally friendly living, Kid life, mom life, and more. Often a popular drugstore find, there are a lot of ideas for how experts can get quoted or be used as an expert source in this magazine. Tin Shingle is updating our Media Contact & Idea Library with people who may be good fits to receive your pitch as you’re doing outreach to the media to get the word out about your business.


National Geographic 2019 Editorial Calendars and 2020 Publication Dates Added To Tin Shingle's Collection


This just in…updated 2019 Editorial Calendar items added for the National Geographic family of print magazines. Consider it a bundle! Except that you’ll find each title as it’s own listing in Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar Collection. National Geographic continues to show us the world through the iconic lenses of the National Geographic explorers, photographers, journalists and filmmakers committed to exploring and protecting our planet. These are trying times for our planet. As we try to scale back the damage by limiting plastics and try to live more of a sustainable lifestyle, National Geographic continues to document our living history while preserving the past.

How might your business or initiative fit in to their pages? You have a few options with National Geographic, National Geographic History, National Geographic Kids, and National Geographic Traveler. A general breakdown of each is below, as well as some hints as to what you’ll find in their editorial calendars. Keep in mind, the year is almost up with Editorial Calendars for 2019.

A Special Note About Editorial Calendars

While magazines haven’t publicly released 2020 yet, Tin Shingle has been working on - at the very least - getting you the publication dates for what production cycle the magazine is in. You don’t need to know the broad editorial theme to pitch any magazine. But what is very helpful is knowing that if the current month is May, that a magazine is actually writing articles and sourcing ideas for their issue that comes out in August. Those publication cycle dates are what you will also find in Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar Collection.

National Geographic

First published in 1888, National Geographic is an American media brand that spans across digital cable, satellite TV, and print. They initially had a readership of 165 and is now read by over 40 million people each month. In 1975 it launched the children’s version of the magazine, originally called National Geographic World. Other niche expansions include National Geographic History and National Geographic Travel. (source)

National Geographic

The flagship publication, also known as Nat Geo, is known for its stunning photography and provocative content, focusing on culture, nature, history, biology and science. They examine the loss of biodiversity through Photo Ark, highlighting the species most at risk for extinction.
Editorial Calendar Excerpt: Thinking ahead for an October cover, the theme is slated to be Extinction. “Nat Geo examines loss of biodiversity through the lens of Photo Ark, singling out species most likely to disappear in the coming decades alongside the words of scientists and conservationists who are working to protect and restore endangered populations.” Sea Turtles and African Parks may also be covered. 

National Geographic History

Covering more than 5000 years of people, places, and things, National Geographic History helps you to discover the past via the immersive visual storytelling NatGeo is famous for.
Editorial Calendar Excerpt: “Cover: From cats and dogs to scarabs and scorpions, animals were sacred in ancient Egypt, worshipped as gods and immortalized in art.”

National Geographic Kids

Taking education very seriously, they have two publications under the NatGeo Kids umbrella. National Geographic Kids whose audience is between the ages of 6 and 14, and National Geographic Little Kids which is targeted towards younger children ages 3 to 6. Their mission is to empower kids to succeed in making the world a better place. (source)
Editorial Calendar Excerpt: “Cover Story: Sea Wolves This or That? Amazing Animals – Pet Parade, Sea Wolves, Science of Spooky, History Mystery or Don’t Read This Book Before Dinner”

National Geographic Traveler

Attracting the most readers (10.4 million - source), National Geographic Traveler is backed by more than 100 years of exploration. With the belief that travel changes lives, their unique content encourages their audience to dream, plan, and share. Their main competitors are Travel & Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler.
Editorial Calendar Excerpt: “YOUR SHOT COVER CONTEST Our 1MM+ Your Shot photography community competes for the chance to have one of their photos grace the issue’s cover. ADVENTURES OF A LIFETIME Round-up of the world’s most spectacular adventures and experiences.”

Members of Tin Shingle at the All Access Level 4 have instant access to ALL of our editorial calendars. We currently have the editorial calendars from over 100 publications for 2019! All searchable by Title and Area of Interest. If you never would have considered to pitch the National Geographic family of brands, how would you think to now? Tin Shingle classifies each of our monthly themes with “Areas of Interest”, so, if you were searching by an Area of Interest, such as “Travel”, then one of these items may have come up.

Browse through and let your inspiration take hold! Join Tin Shingle and start browsing!

Postcards Through The Mail Slot As Effective As 10 Instagram Posts


Giddy to receive this postcard from the Beacon, NY based artist, Anna West, who is such a diligent promoter of her artwork. Anna was a guest expert on a Tin Shingle TineUp talking about how she uses Instagram to sell her artwork using the good old fashion conversation way, not even using the formal Instagram ad tool way.

Anna pays very close attention to the beauty around her and how she wants to paint it. She also pays attention to how her audience responds to which of her paintings, and paints more of what they love. Anna lives in a lot in hashtags to get in front of the right person who would be interested in a type of painting.

Pictured here is the ever-effective postcard that came through our mail door here at the Tin Shingle Office. Anna is a participating artist in Beacon’s Open Studios on May 18-19. One of the best interactive art events of the year in Beacon! While Anna’s painterly face has crossed my eyes many times in Instagram, it is this postcard that left the deepest impression on me. The behind the scenes thoughts of my brain when I received it was: “Oh my gosh, Beacon Open Studios is just around the corner, and Anna has opened her studio!”

Our sister media company A Little Beacon Blog is a proud sponsor of Beacon Open Studios.

This is the actual door of Tin Shingle’s office. We do have a mail slot!

This is the actual door of Tin Shingle’s office. We do have a mail slot!