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Dusting off SEO, Newsletters, and PR Strategies for the New 2017

DATE: January 18, 2017
TIME: 12pm EST

It's a new year with new opportunities for strategies you've been hearing about. Now is the time to take action! This week, we are going to visit different areas of promotion that you will dust off in your own business, and breathe new life into. Specifically:

  • SEO: New habits that will feed Google more information as they rank your website.
  • Newsletters: Yup, you're going to send more this year and we're going to tell you how.
  • Facebook: One area of Facebook you could be using for free marketing - that Facebook is being very generous with!
  • Instagram: You're going to get a homework assignment that will boost your Instagram following.
  • Flip the Switch: Sometimes you're not doing something because something about it is bugging you. You're going to hear how to fix that and bust through that problem.
  • Blogging: This is the base to what you're going to share on several social media channels. We will discuss ways to get multiple uses out of the content you are producing, but that looks different.
  • PR: Let's use some back-door techniques to getting that press you covet!

Tune in with us live on Wednesday, 12pm EST.


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