Holiday Gift Guide Pitch Package
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Holiday Gift Guide Pitching is a very timely and targeted strategy. You only have a small window for your product to be considered for gift guides in the printed pages of magazines. You’ll have a second chance months later, after the print magazine has completed its issue and sent it to the printer, when the digital versions of those magazines, blogs, and TV stations begin looking for gift guide ideas closer to publishing time on the web or TV.


Before buying this service, make sure you have the following in place:

  • High resolution photo on white background.

  • Pictures of the products in different “real life” situations.

  • Inventory. Know for sure that you will have the inventory to fill any orders.


Because of the magazines’ seasonality of when they curate gift guides, Tin Shingle only offers this niche service certain times of the year. Listed below are the ideal pitching dates for when print magazines need to receive pitches in order to be considered, and when digital and TV are fielding ideas:

  • HOLIDAY NOV/DEC (print magazines): July 1 - August 15

  • HOLIDAY NOV/DEC (digital and TV): October 1 - November 10

  • VALENTINES DAY (print magazines): October 1 - November 15

  • VALENTINES DAY (digital and TV): January 5 - February 1


You will be paired with one of Tin Shingle’s Pitch Whisperers.

    You and your Pitch Whisperer will talk by phone to discover which of your products you want to pitch, and why. Who is your target audience? How will we reach them in different ways in different magazines? We will discuss.

    Your Pitch Whisperer will write 5 different pitches for different Gift Guide themes, and format it in an email. Suggested Subject Line will be included. The Subject Line is very important!

    Your pitch can include a picture to get the writer or producer more excited about the product. Your Pitch Whisperer can advise you on the best picture or photo collage. If you need graphic design help to make this image, select one of Tin Shingle’s packages here that includes designing an attachment for you.

LEVEL 1: Tin Shingle Writes, Researches It; You Send It

5 Pitches - We Write ‘Em, You Send ‘Em to Different Magazines/Audiences!

  • Tin Shingle Writes and Approves Photos

  • Tin Shingle Researches the Best Magazines Contacts

  • You Are Provided With Email Addresses that Tin Shingle Researches For You

  • You Email The Pitches

  • Tin Shingle is Available Via Email for Holding Your Hand Through The Process

If you get overwhelmed with following up, you can have your Pitch Whisperer take over. Purchase an Add On “Tin Shingle Sends It!” for $2,000 (but you could save yourself $500 if you went with Level 2 from the get go. Level 2 includes this follow up.)

PRICE: $3,500
for 5 different pitches/angles

LEVEL 2: Tin Shingle Writes, Researches, and Sends It

5 Pitches - Tin Shingle Sends ‘Em and Follows Up and Fields Them to Different Magazines/Audiences

  • Tin Shingle Writes the Pitch and Approves Photos

  • Tin Shingle Researches the Best Magazines Contacts

  • Tin Shingle Pitches and Follows Up For You

  • Tin Shingle is Available for Holding Your Hand Through The Process

PRICE: $5,000
for 5 different pitches/angles that Tin Shingle fields for you

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