The Community Membership is the first step into Tin Shingle's world of buzz building. Hook into this, and you've got group of strong minded, big thinking business creators along side of you. When you participate, you will see how others apply everyday or new strategies, and you'll see how you can adopt those techniques. Instant courage happens at this level.


  • Private Facebook Group for conversations and fast feedback.
  • Private Forum for pitch editing opportunities in the Pitch Whisperer Forum.
  • Public Profile Listings on for your business and person.

Month-to-Month auto-billing. Commitment-free. Pause, upgrade or downgrade at any time. We made membership flexible.


THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have enjoyed meeting you and the other participants more than you’ll ever know. Thanks for all you do to make Tin Shingle such a wonderful resource
— Lauren Hathaway, RJL Group

Join, connect and promote your company’s digital footprint on Tin Shingle’s website. You'll have instant access to curate your own Shopping Guide here with your products, or blog about running a business in our exclusive Diaries of Small Business Owners series.

Community Membership benefits, plus...

  • Business Directory Listing
    People always ask..."Do you know of a XYZ?" We go right to the Business Directory for recommendations. Regular readers and the media both use Tin Shingle's Business Directory to find what they need - so get up in it!
  • Shopping Guide Listings
    Our readers love looking for unique products
  • Press Portfolio 
    A favorite for those who love SEO - who doesn't want to get found in Google? Your Press Portfolio at Tin Shingle has been SEO optimized to attract those searching for media outlets and your business. For example, if they read about your business in Real Simple magazine in their dentist's office, and then they wanted to find your business after they get home, they always Google it. Members who list their press on Tin Shingle have been known to get found for these high-value searches, which are your target customers.
  • Diaries of Small Business Owners
    (your own blog channel on Tin Shingle)
    Publish an article about running your business directly to Tin Shingle. Our readers love the behind-the-scenes of entrepreneurship. This makes for great pitching material when you are pitching the press as well. Need ideas on what to write? Use Tin Shingle's private Facebook Group to get started. We'd love to help you.

Month-to-Month auto-billing. Commitment-free. Pause, upgrade or downgrade at any time. We made membership flexible.


Every Wednesday at 12pm EST, Tin Shingle produces a live webinar called a TuneUp that is unlike any webinar you have every experienced. It's your own personal training session in PR, Social Media, Design, Newsletters, SEO, and several of our spin-off series like Founder's Secret Interviews, Give Yourself Permission! and others. During these webinars, you will learn how to go big or use techniques in a totally new and fresh way.

You can hear these webinars for free every Wednesday, but if you want them at your fingertips to replay any time, you'll need to activate this level of membership. TuneUps are a favorite aspect of many people's memberships.

Community Level Membership + Directories Level Membership

  • 24/7 Free Streaming of All Training TuneUp Videos.
    The best part of membership! Get education, inspiration, motivation, and fresh ideas for how to reach out to the media and boost your social media.

Month-to-Month auto-billing. Commitment-free. Pause, upgrade or downgrade at any time, we made membership flexible.

Tin Shingle is a great resource for entrepreneurs and small businesses to learn tips and effective ways of reaching out to the press. The weekly tune ups are lively and informative and most of all, relevant!
— Lisa Batra, Founder My Kids Threads
I loved the TuneUp! We listened to it on speaker throughout the office and throughout kept saying “that’s a good point,” “I like that idea” It got to the point where I decided to sign up for the membership in the middle!
— Jana Glowatz, CEO + Founder of JANA Public Relations

Businesses and marketers use different parts of Tin Shingle's member benefits at different times, depending on their goals. Everyone's experience is unique, yet the results are the same: support and growth.

The most enticing part of a private membership with Tin Shingle is the instant-access to Media Lists and Editorial Calendars. Cultivated by hand, Tin Shingle's team updates our massive database of media professionals in newspapers, magazines, websites, TV and radio.

Community Level Membership + Directories Level Membership + TuneUp Replays Membership

  • Media Contact Database
    Over 3,000 names are in the Media Lists including genres ranging from Bridal to Sports to Food to Travel to Business to whatever it is you need. We take custom requests, and include contributing writers who write for several publications. Presented in a simpler fashion that larger media database companies, you'll have what you need quickly. Database includes: Newspapers, Magazines, On-Air Experts, Columnists.
  • Editorial Calendars 2018
    The monthly themes of printed magazines are available to you en-mass, no research required. Tin Shingle's list is ever-growing and contains Editorial Calendars from small and large publications, including monthly and quarterly publications in the fields of Fashion, Outdoors, Wedding, Mechanics, Health and more.
  • Templates & Planners
    Get all of Tin Shingle's templates and planners to make campaign building for your PR and Social Media plans much easier. Once you activate this membership, you will have instant-access to download all templates for free.

Month-to-Month auto-billing. Commitment-free. Pause, upgrade or downgrade at any time, we made membership flexible.