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You have saved me so much time, and I have learned so much. I used to work in PR/Marketing ages ago, and now that I have my own design business, it’s great to be able to turn somewhere and get information and help. I really find Tin Shingle invaluable.
— Christina Paluszek-McClure Jewelry Designer, Kryzia Kreations

Designed for business owners, communications directors, makers and artists, Tin Shingle was built for those who are getting the word out using PR, Social Media, SEO, and Newsletter Campaigns.

Created with a full-view of your marketing picture, both in print and your digital footprint, Tin Shingle teaches how to make the magic happen in these different formats. The Membership program gives you tools like Media Contacts and Editorial Calendars, as well as a supportive Community to nurture game-changing ideas as you make bold moves.

We got featured in the InStyle Gift Guide - I got the contact information from Tin Shigle!! I am such an advocate for Tin Shingle.
— Christina Fagan, Founder Sh*t That I Knit
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+ Private Support Forum

+ Pitch Whisperer Program
(feedback and edits on your pitches to the media)
+ Hashtag Cheat Sheets


+ Press Portfolio
+ Business Directory Listing
+ Shopping Guides Listing
+ "Diary of Small Business Owner" Series

+ Training TuneUps: Unlimited & Free Streaming of over 250 online class videos.


+ Media Contact Library
+ Editorial Calendars
+ Templates & Planners
NOTE: Please see our FAQ page about what happens if an outlet you are looking for is not in our list.

Membership is designed to be used right away. Instantly access Tin Shingle’s resources upon joining.
Billing is month-to-month and discounts are available on six or twelve month plans.
Pause your membership when you need to. See our
FAQs for more details.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have enjoyed meeting you and the other participants more than you’ll ever know. Thanks for all you do to make Tin Shingle such a wonderful resource
— Lauren Hathaway, RJL Group
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I loved the TuneUp! We listened to it on speaker throughout the office and throughout kept saying “that’s a good point,” “I like that idea” It got to the point where I decided to sign up for the membership in the middle!
— Jana Glowatz, CEO + Founder of JANA Public Relations

Is Membership Right For You?

Before you get started, let's make sure it's a fit:

It's A Fit!

  • You are ready for your business to be seen online, in magazines and on TV.

  • Your business is in magazines and on TV, and you want more!

  • A business hired you to be in charge of their Communications, Marketing or Publicity, and you need training and resources.

  • You have been working with a PR agency, and you are ready to take it in-house.

  • You work for a PR agency, and you'd like extra training and resources.

  • You want to know what is current and working right now in PR, Social Media and SEO.

  • You are looking for a place to connect with other entrepreneurs and business owners online to share ideas, get feedback, and cross-promote.

Not A Fit

  • You are looking for a PR agency to represent your business and conduct your outreach. Tin Shingle is not a PR or Social Media agency.

  • You want a shortcut to Media Contacts and instant-press.

  • You want contacts for 1 or 2 Media Outlets, and don’t want to consider any other outlets. Your mind is narrow and fixated on one prize.

  • You are less interested in doing things right way, as you want to learn how to do things the rushed way. You might even be hyperventilating right now as a boss or client breaths down your neck. Here is a secret: Once you learn to do it the right way, things will move a lot smoother and faster!

  • You are more interested in snagging contacts and less interested in creating long term relationships with the media.

  • You already know everything about PR and marketing. At Tin Shingle, we learn from each other and new experiences daily.

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I have to say I am coming up on Week 1 as a Tin Shingler and I cannot tell you how wonderful I feel. It’s amazing to me now, how much I felt isolated with my business promotion issues. Now I can look on the forums and see we all have so many of the same issues! I feel the community. Its a good addiction. I got a lot out of the #TuneUp today as well. I have blocked that off in my future Wednesdays. If I can be there, I want that live energy! Thank you!!!
— Christi Lavoy, Founder of Botanistix
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I was one of the #TuneUp call-ins in today, and I was so impressed! You guys have been on my radar the past few months, and now that I’m ready to go full steam ahead with marketing, I signed up this week! So glad I did... Thanks for tailoring some of your remarks towards my industry... I noticed! And was taking notes like crazy... until I had to leave at 1:03 to pick up my 4-year old from pre-school before they sat him out on the curb. I will look foward to hearing what I missed when the podcast is available. So, I swore that I wouldn’t do Twitter, because I just didn’t think I understood it, but you have won me over! Just downloaded the long-lead pitch podcast, as well as the desk pitch podcast. Thanks again, for creating this community!
— Kami Darnell, Founder Simple Sarongs
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I love the support you guys give and desperately needed the education and learning. You guys definitely have the mojo, the ideas and the inside track. We feel very lucky to have found Tin Shingle when we needed you (thanks Kami Darnell of SimpleSarongs!) and we preach the Tin Shingle gospel to every network event at which we speak.
— LeeAnn Maxwell, Co-Founder of Vixen Vodka
Thank you again for your advice and support. It means the world to this one-woman PR/Marketing/Communications Department! If I hadn’t joined Tin Shingle, I would have never had the confidence to email a producer last night at Inside Edition about an emergency procedure we were performing the next day. You’re the first people I told after they responded that they were interested in taping. :-)
— Maria Moss - VERG Brooklyn

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