Tin Shingle has saved me so much time. I have learned so much. I used to work in PR/Marketing ages ago, and now that I have my own design business, it’s great to be able to turn somewhere and get information and help. I really find Tin Shingle invaluable.
— Christina Paluszek-McClure Jewelry Designer, Kryzia Kreations

Tin Shingle a training platform and community for businesses, artists and makers who are getting the word out about their business. Tin Shingle teaches PR, social media and content marketing tactics to regular people to help make their pitching and brand story telling smarter, engaging and more appropriate for the media to consider for article features.

Tin Shingle produces weekly webinars called Training TuneUps, which offer free access to niche classes, as well as one-on-one training opportunities.

Our Research Team is constantly updating our easy-to-use Media Contact Library and Editorial Calendar Collection, which serve as an inspiration center when discovering story angles and best people to connect with about where to pitch about your business.

Start with our free articles and classes by subscribing to our newsletter. Next, dig in to go bigger with your outreach with our Membership Program that gives you Media Contacts, Editorial Calendars, Templates for emailing the media as well as plotting out your PR and Marketing plan. Tin Shingle is your support system as you're getting the word out about your business.

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Tin Shingle produces a free live online class every Wednesday called a TuneUp.

It's an audience favorite, and everyone from newbies to professional marketers love it. Subscribe to our free e-newsletter for advance notice on the TuneUp topic of the week.



Instant access to Community, Classes, Lists, and Shizzazz to keep you on your game.

Getting publicity is an art, and anyone can do it using the right methods.
Business owners, staff, even PR and marketing teams benefit from the fresh ideas and supportive approach Tin Shingle's private membership is built upon. Designed for long or short term memberships, flexibility is built in to fit the goals and budgets go businesses small and large.


Private Training for One-on-One Attention.

You know what you need to do, you just need a little help to get there.
Send in the professionals. Trainers can be assigned to you on a monthly retainer basis within your Tin Shingle membership, or can be reserved on an as-needed basis. Tin Shingle was founded in a Do It Yourself model, but some people need swift and direct solutions. Within Tin Shingle's Studio, you can hire our experts to do it for you.



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Editorial is the name of our game, and Tin Shingle's magazine-based platform can seamlessly inform readers about your product or service. Tin Shingle is rooted in education, so not only can we display your ad, we can show and tell in our own words with videos, pictures and social media campaigns.