Tin Shingle's custom designed resources empower you to create big buzz about your business.

A training platform for business owners and marketers working to build buzz about their brands using the ever-developing techniques in PR, Social Media, SEO, Website Design, Newsletter Marketing, and Blogging. Yes, all of it. Because they all work together to make a lasting impact on your customers and clients out in the worlds of digital and print marketing.



Tin Shingle produces a free live webinar every Wednesday at 12pm EST called a TuneUp.

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Instant access to Community, Classes, Lists, and Shizzazz to keep you on your game.

Getting publicity is an art, and anyone can do it using the right methods.
Business owners, staff, even PR and marketing teams benefit from the fresh ideas and supportive approach Tin Shingle's private membership is built upon. Designed for long or short term memberships, flexibility is built in to fit the goals and budgets go businesses small and large.

How it Works


Private Training for One-on-One Attention.

You know what you need to do, you just need a little help to get there.
Send in the professionals. Trainers can be assigned to you on a monthly retainer basis within your Tin Shingle membership, or can be reserved on an as-needed basis. Tin Shingle was founded in a Do It Yourself model, but some people need swift and direct solutions. Within Tin Shingle's Studio, you can hire our experts to do it for you.



Olivia Abel

Journalist and editor Olivia has worked for national and local publications, highlighting small businesses and big features. From People to Vanity Fair to Hudson Valley Magazine, she can craft a pitch for your article idea.

Leigh Baumann

Subtle yet full of impact, Leigh Baumann is a graphic designer, photographer and visual storyteller for many brands you follow and lust after. Trained in graphic design and marketing, Leigh has plenty of tricks up her sleeve.

Katie Hellmuth Martin

Creator of digital impacts, Katie is a visual storyteller using her experience in website design, writing, SEO, blogging and social media presentation to grow brand awareness and create customer loyalty.

Reach Our Readers


Editorial is the name of our game, and Tin Shingle's magazine-based platform can seamlessly inform readers about your product or service. Tin Shingle is rooted in education, so not only can we display your ad, we can show and tell in our own words with videos, pictures and social media campaigns.