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Terms of Membership, as well as FAQs, are answered here.
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What are the best ways to start with Tin Shingle?

Tin Shingle aims to provide artists, makers and business owners with the latest ideas and news about buzz building. There are a number of ways we make this information accessible.

1. First way is via our free newsletter, so subscribe to that for when articles with tips and ideas are published.

2. Second way is via the training classes that you can access for free or via a membership subscription. Tin Shingle’s owner Katie hosts a webinar called a Training TuneUp that focuses on something super niche in marketing. Watching or listening to the live broadcast is free so get the schedule here, and then it’s recorded and made available for the subscription membership to stream at any time.

3. Third are tools we’ve designed to make your marketing outreach easier and more targeted. We have templates to help you know what to do when, as well as a database of Media Contacts to help make your research of who to contact easier, and Editorial Calendars for print magazines, which reveal the general theme of a magazine for each month. This helps you craft just the right pitch to just the right magazine at just the right time.

Is it 30-day Terms for Cancellation?

Cancel at any time! The membership structure is based on a monthly model. Pay month to month, or get a discount on the yearly or half-yearly options. Cancellations are not pro-rated. After you cancel, you will have access to your member account until the end of its billing cycle, at which point it will disconnect your membership and cease billing.

The 6 month and 12 month options are simply a discount offering, where you get 6 months access but pay for 5 (so 1 free month) or 12 months access but pay for 10. Like the $150 monthly option, the 6 month payment option and the 12 month payment option also auto-renews unless you cancel in advance. For the 6 month and 12 month option, you will be sent a reminder email before it renews.

If I cancel mid-billing cycle, is my membership pro-rated?

With any of our payment plans, there is no pro-rated option if you cancel mid-cycle. If you want to cancel right away and finish out, but not forget that you wanted to cancel after one month (if you got the $150/month level), you could in theory sign up and then cancel, and have access for the payment plan that you subscribed to. But we think you’ll like it and want to stay! Why bother with that hassle of canceling and renewing all the time? LOL

What if a Media Outlet or Contact that I’m looking for isn’t in your list?

If you are joining for a quick Media Contact for 1, 2, or 3 outlets, and don’t find them, then you can email us a research request, and we will get on it. We are always updating our database. There are some outlets we have missed, or are in mid-process. It’s a big world out there, and we want to make it easier for you to access it. If an outlet is not in our list - be it big mainstream or small - we do not give refunds for that reason. But our research team is happy to begin researching for you and the entire membership.

When you buy the All Access Pass of membership, you are buying access to Classes, Media Lists, Editorial Calendars, and a Support Group. Tin Shinglers are pitching many different outlets at one time.

How does your Editorial Calendar Collection work?

Editorial Calendars are heavily sought after by experts in the PR world What is not talked about, however, is that by the time they get their hands on them, most of the opportunities and themes have passed. We’re going to be straight up with you: you will never have the full year’s worth of topics from a magazine’s Editorial Calendar as presented in their Media Kit.

This is because magazines release their prettily designed Editorial Calendars in their Media Kits in January or February of each new year. This means you have just missed lots of opportunities for publishing cycles, if you’re relying on this one document alone.

What is super important for you, however, is publishing cycle dates. Tin Shingle trains businesses, artists and makers how to cold-pitch the media. Any time they way. Without relying on Editorial Calendars. What is the most useful is knowing what season a magazine is in at a given time. That will help you form a more timely pitch.

Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar Collection includes some topics, and cycle dates, to help you be aware of when a magazine is working on a seasonal issue. For instance: The Thanksgiving Issue is usually being put together in July. Our Editorial Calendar Collection will help your awareness of this.

I’m a professional PR person. Can I join?

You can. But. Tin Shingle was designed for business owners, artists and makers who are pitching their businesses to many different outlets. Their subject matter stays the same - their business. You are searching for quick research for different clients in different industries and you’re under a lot of pressure from that client to “get it” really fast. That is fine. But all of our training and resources are geared towards people who are knee deep in their own business, who get to think of a myriad of story angles for one business only.

If you are in a rush, want 1 contact, and think that is all that there is to this membership, then you should use Cision. We do not grant refunds if the outlet or contact you were looking for is not there or outdated.

No media list service is 100% accurate - not Cision, not Meltwater, and not Tin Shingle. We want you to have realistic expectations when you activate your membership. Tin Shingle’s Media Lists are a source of ideas. A source of people and outlets one hadn’t thought of before. If you find our lists to not be perfect for exactly the outlet you had in mind, we will not grant you a refund for that reason. We will, however, research upon request, and encourage you to broaden your mind and pitch other outlets in addition to the big stars you are after. That’s what publicity is all about. Coverage in many places. Tin Shingle’s membership is designed to help you discover this. It’s not a one-and-done kind of place.

Tin Shingle works with business owners, artists and makers who are doing their own PR, learning the process, refining their ideas, and going for it. We train business owners, artists and communications directors to be on-point and kind in their pitching, as these get the best responses.

Do I need to get the 6 month plan as a base?

No! The 6 month and the 12 month payment plans are simply ways for you to save money.

How do I edit my profile?

When you're a member of Tin Shingle, you get to promote yourself and your business on Tin Shingle's website. List your business with your logo in our Business Directory, and promote yourself with your headshot in your Personal Profile area, which is public-facing, meaning all of our readers can see it.

How do I start my membership?

Visit this page and pick a membership level that works for you. Monthly memberships are billed month to month. You can pause at any time. You can also upgrade or downgrade your membership. For instance, if you wanted Media Contacts for research, and then got all of the Meida Contacts that you needed, but wanted to keep streaming all of Tin Shingle's Training TuneUps for free, then you would start a membership at Level 4 Media Contacts, and downgrade to Level 3 Training TuneUps.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

Log into your Tin Shingle account, and hover over the MY ACCOUNT tab, and click on BILLING.

Click on the plan you want to switch to. Proceed through checkout. If you are downgrading mid-billing cycle, then your membership level and access to certain tools will change on the first day of your billing cycle. If you are upgrading mid-billing cycle, then you will be billed the difference of the two membership levels, and your access to additional tools will be granted instantly.

How do I cancel my membership?

Log into your Tin Shingle account, and hover over the MY ACCOUNT tab, and click on BILLING.

For your payment plan, click to Cancel your subscription. Your access to the website will remain active until the last day of your billing cycle. You will not be billed again, and are not pro-rated a refund if you cancel mid-cycle.

You can restart your membership at any time by logging in, visiting the MY ACCOUNT tab, clicking on BILLING, and then clicking on the membership level you want. If you canceled your subscription to membership and then changed your mind a few days or hours later, you can switch the subscription plan back to active, and will continue to be billed the following billing cycle.