New Year

Today's Live TuneUp: What To Pitch This Month: January

What To Pitch This Month: January

When: Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019
Time: 3pm EST
Where: At your computer or on your phone.
Price: Free for all during this live broadcast.

Today's TuneUp will include a deep dive into several Editorial Calendars that are ready for you to search through in Tin Shingle's database. Today's live TuneUp also has two special features for you today:

Motivation Minute: The kickoff to every TuneUp is a Motivation Minute, and today's is dedicated as your New Year's Day Pep Talk. The actual New Year's Day cast a bit of The Sunday's vibe for some of us, after the excitement of the coming change delivered us on a day of: "Ok, now what? What direction to go?" It's a big thing to stare at a blank slate after feeling such momentum. This will be discussed quickly in the Motivation Minute.

Special Focus: Innovator Introspection. Several magazines are having their Innovator's issue. Are you an innovator? Sure you are. Knowing how you are an innovator in your field is key to pitching yourself or your business into this theme. We will discuss so that you can have talking points at the ready for this type of email pitch to the media.

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