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Happy Money Monday! Here Are Money-Themed Editorial Calendars Coming Up...

Happy Money Monday!

We dedicate this Money Monday to Editorial Calendars having to do with money. What is an Editorial Calendar? It's the magazine's plan for how they are putting together their upcoming issue. This is your big chance at knowing when the coveted "Best Colleges" issue is, or "Ultimate Guide to Retirement". It's your big clue and helps you create relevant pitch ideas to email into these publications. Tin Shingle Members with the All Access Pass of Membership at Level 4 get instant access to these Editorial Calendars that Tin Shingle goes out and collects for you. Makes your research much zippier!

Maybe your business is a fit for one of these themes, and if it is, you should spin yourself up an angle and come up with a great reason why a feature on your business would fit well in these print magazines!

Coming up at Bloomberg Businessweek:

  • Focus on Security
  • Focus on Small Biz/ Pursuits: Fall Fashion
  • Double Issue: Cities
  • Problem Solvers
  • Focus on Retirement/ Pursuits: Skiing
  • Focus on Manufacturing
  • Focus on Small Biz
  • Focus on Wellness
  • Focus on Cloud/ Pursuits: Holiday Gift
  • Focus on BSchools

Coming up at Money Magazine:

  • Best Colleges + Paying for College
  • Best Places to Live
  • Ultimate Retirement Guide
  • How to Make More Money in 2019

Sneak Peek at Tin Shingle's Editorial Calendar Database

You too could be sifting through these database for ideas. Here's what it looks like when you're looking for what we have for a particular magazine. Upgrade now to our All Access Pass of Membership at Level 4 get instant access! You can always downgrade to Level 1 Community to stay hooked in with our private community group to chat with each other.

Every week, Tin Shingle adds new Editorial Calendars and updates names in the Media Contact Database. Here's what happened lately:

New Editorial Calendars:

Natural Solutions
First for Women
Arthritis Today
The Atlantic
Bloomberg Businessweek
Men's Journal
Vanity Fair

Updated Media Contacts:

Having names of writers and editors at your fingertips makes your research that much easier. These are available to Tin Shingle Members with the All Access Pass of Membership at Level 4:
Fast Company
Fortune Magazine
Men's Journal
...and others

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UPDATED: 2018 Content Planner Contains Page For Ideas Not Ready For Calendar Yet

Tin Shingle's 2018 Content Planning Calendar has been updated to include a sheet for capturing your ideas that you aren't ready to assign to a month or week yet. This page in the calendar is called "In The Hopper" and it is the last page. If you have purchased the calendar, you can revisit it here when logged into your Tin Shingle account, and click the link to download the file. The most updated file will download to your computer. If you are an All Access Member of Tin Shingle, this file will automatically be available to you to download. Get to it!

2018 Editorial Calendars Available in Tin Shingle's Database

UPDATE: We have a list of over 80 current Editorial Calendars for print magazines that you can access instantly with an All Access Pass Membership to Tin Shingle.

As I type this blog post, it's November 2017, and already February 2018 deadlines for magazines are flying by. Because that's how magazines work: 3-6 months in advance. It's not enough to think ahead about what press coverage you want to try to get in the spring, or hope to get around Valentine's Day. You have to actually email the media (aka "pitch" the media) with these intentions months ahead of time. Think of articles as seeds. They start way early, often germinating in a warm seed container somewhere, before being taken outside to battle it out and survive the elements in the sun. Hence, why Tin Shingle guides you in this PR Planning, to help you know what themes print magazines are working on.

These Editorial Calendars are now active in Tin Shingle's live Editorial Calendar Database (you need to have an Level 4 Media Contacts All Access Pass of membership with Tin Shingle to see these). More are added and updated continuously. 

What are you going to see in these calendars?

Article ideas and deadlines. You're going to get a sense for what the big picture is for a monthly issue at a magazine - like "The Gear Issue" or "Most Powerful Women In Business" - and that will be your clue as to what might be the best time to pitch a magazine with your story angle. Will you have just one story angle? No. You'll have several.

How to Pitch a Magazine Using Its Editorial Calendar

You will spin a different story angle about your business that aligns with the them. Watch our online class about how to pitch the media using Editorial Calendars. Plus, the first week of every month, we dedicate our free online class to PR Planning for that month. You'll get a peek into magazines are working on right now, before their deadlines expire. Get on our mailing list for that free class alert, or activate a Level 3 Online Class membership to watch unlimited past online classes.

Tin Shingle Training in How to Pitch a Magazine Using it's Editorial Calendar

PS: Using Editorial Calendars isn't the only way to cold-pitch the media. This is only one of your strategies. Tin Shingle has several online classes to coach you through how to pitch the media randomly, out of the blue.

As of November 2017, here are the 2018 Editorial Calendars we have. Since this blog post, more have been added:

  1. Better Homes & Gardens
  2. Martha Stewart Living
  3. Martha Stewart Weddings
  4. Bella NYC
  5. Departures
  6. Brooklyn Magazine
  7. Car & Driver
  8. Bridal Guide
  9. Boston Magazine
  10. Boston Home
  11. Saveur
  12. Rachael Ray Every Day
  13. Allrecipes
  14. American Hunter
  15. House Beautiful
  16. Cross Country Skier
  17. Backcountry Magazine
  18. Advertising Age
  19. AARP The Magazine
  20. Pregnancy & Newborn
  21. Backpacker Magazine
  22. Shape
  23. Spirituality & Health
  24. Modern Luxury/Boston Common
  25. Boys' Life
  26. Family Circle
  27. Family Fun
  28. Girls' Life
  29. Traditional Home
  30. Veranda
  31. Atlanta Magazine
  32. New York Magazine
  33. Atlanta's Magazine Home
  34. HGTV Magazine
  35. Woman's Day
  36. Elle Decor
  37. Allure
  38. Better Nutrition
  39. Bloomberg Business
  40. Bon Appétit
  41. Bust
  42. Glamour
  43. BookForum
  44. Clean Eating
  45. More to come!

Inflight Magazines:
This is totally a secret strategy that you competition is most likely not using! Pitch the magazines that are in airplanes.

  1. Hemispheres
  2. American Way
  3. more have been added...we have a special section for these in the database

Sneak Peek Into Themes Planned For February and Beyond

Knowing what direction a magazine is planning to cover is a huge advantage! It allows you to curate ideas that will interest the editor and direct their attention towards your product, service, business, or expert advice. These are some upcoming themes to be printed in 2018.

  • A "GAL-entine’s" chocolate and flowers gathering + date night steakhouse-style
  • The Destination Issue.  The ultimate guide to unforgettable luxury experiences within the chosen destination.
  • Mother’s Day scents and candles + curated gift boxes for Mom
  • DIY IT: Do it or design it yourself. Instant upgrades to elevate your home, meals, and style.
  • Modern entertaining at a “grown-up summer camp” + beachy bashes
  • Girl boss beauty advice + thicker, fuller hair fast
  • 60-second de-stressors

All editorial themes are from editors themselves and are subject to change.

Editorial Calendars are available to level 4 members of Tin Shingle only. Upgrade your membership for instant access. Send in media contact or editorial calendar requests to member@tinshingle.com