Architectural Digest

2019 Editorial Calendar for Architectural Digest On Its Way Too You!

Magazines release their editorial calendars at different times. Or we’re buried under research with other Editorial Calendar and general Media Contact research to remember to follow up.

Today, one of our favorite magazines came in - Architectural Digest! Can’t wait to learn the monthly themes this magazine has coming up. So many angles as to why you could pitch a writer or editor about your business, if you had a vague idea of what resource or inspiration that would appeal to them at that time.

Members of Tin Shingle at the All Access Level have instant access to these editorial calendars. Or idea centers, as we call them. We have the editorial calendars from 100 publications for 2019 right now! All searchable by Title of publication, AND Area of Interest. Because we are list nerds like that 🤓

Wanna see ‘em and overfloweth with ideas of why to pitch your business? Join us!


Weekend Reading: Curled Up With Architectural Digest

Weekend 📖 reading known as Media Monitoring or PR Homework in these parts at Tin Shingle.

Flipping through the gorgeous pages of Architectual Digest and settling in on a feature of a Hudson Valley home in Croton on the Hudson, the Neumann House by Marcel Breuer.

The best way to pitch a magazine is to know its writing and editorial style as well as you would know your closest friend and how they like things. The easiest way to do that is by subscribing to the magazine in print. If you want a magazine to even exist in print to feature your business and inspire you, then support it with a paid subscription. Read it on paper and experience it in the way it was designed.

For all you advertisers out there - if you have paid for branded content or a roundup or a group full page ad - bravo to you. Advertisers keep the magazines in business to keep the editorial cycle spinning. Somethings got to pay those photographers, writers and editors!