New and Updated 2020 Editorial Calendars For Theatre, Art, Travel, Construction, and More

Get ready for an exciting few months! The following publications have released their 2020 calendars, which means more are soon to follow! This week the calendars featured span topics from health, travel, the arts and construction!

Let the themes of any editorial calendar be the genesis of your idea - but not the limit! These are just a starting point as you think of angles in to feature your business. And remember, if you need help thinking of ideas. use Tin Shingle’s Community Forum! We’re always here to help and share ideas.

American Craft

American Craft is the official magazine of the American Craft Council. Supporting professional artists and makers for over 75 years, they offer valuable educational resources, conferences and student programs while spotlighting emerging artists.

Next Editorial Calendar Theme: Design, Beauty, Legacy.

American Theatre Magazine

American Theatre.png

Published by the Theatre Communications Group, American Theatre Magazine is monthly publication for the American professional non-profit theatre artist. They focus on work and issues surround the practice of theatre art.

Next Editorial Calendar Theme: Playwriting

Diabetes Self-Management

Diabetes Self-Management provides practical information on nutrition, exercise, healthy living and medical advances for people living with diabetes. They publish a bimonthly magazine, weekly newsletter, books, and a blog. 

Next Editorial Calendar Theme: International Cuisine, Money-Saving

Alaska Beyond

Alaska Beyond Magazine aims to be the best trade, lifestyle, and business publication covering the Alaska Airlines flight route. Engaging, entertaining and informing Alaska Airlines passengers of the trends and events that influence the places along the Alaska Airlines path.

Topics have been updated to reflect the current 2020 Editorial Calendar: Health and Wellness, Romance in Hawaii

Arthritis Today

Arthritis Foundation.png

Published by the Arthritis Foundation, they provide the most current advice on lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness tips from the world’s top arthritis experts.

Arthritis Today does not publish an Editorial Calendar. Our advice is to pitch for the season. The submission and newsstand dates have been updated to reflect the most current available information.

These Are Only A Small Sampling Of Editorial Calendar Themes!

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All editorial themes are from editors themselves and are subject to change.

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