Analyzing Why This Crafty Story Got Featured In Architectural Digest - An Unusual But Worthy Business For The High End Art Magazine


Pitch what you need to pitch. You think the audience of a certain magazine would love to know about your project? Tell them about it - in a way that puts their readers on the edge of their seats. This month in Architectural Digest, the back page feature, “last word,” features a group of girls ages 7-14 who meet every Friday to work with wood in Murfa, TX. They make things like 3-legged stools and sell them. The proceeds go to their college funds. They are under the direction of the artist Larry Bamburg.

What probably worked in this pitch was to include the following:

- Guidance from an artist.

- The beautiful craftwomanship of the stools.

- The do-good part of this story: saving for their college fund.

- The awesome part of the story - 7-14 year old girls working with machinery.

The heading is called Squad Goals. That could have made for a great subject line as well to hook the editor or writer.

At Tin Shingle, we teach you to be true to yourself, and realize if your business Feature is a fit with the media outlet you desire. If you really really really desire an outlet, but the fit isn’t obvious, find the components in your story that are a fit: in this case artist and beautiful craftwomanship.  Then, the incredibleness of what you really want featured - the girls meeting regularly to make this and save - gets to shine through the story.

If you need help with your pitch to the media, Tin Shingle’s community is here to help. Use our exclusive and super helpful and supportive Pitch Whisperer Forum on our website. Also use our Media Contact Library to find needles in the haystacks of good writers at publications you never would have considered. Gold mines!

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