Busy B's...NEW and UPDATED Editorial Calendars From Bitch, New Moon Girls, Bloomberg Businessweek, and More

Check out this week’s updates to Tin Shingle’s exclusive Editorial Calendar Collection! Included are the topics put forth by the magazines themselves as well as Tin Shingle’s predictions of future editorial themes up to 2020.

Don’t pigeon-hole yourself into a theme, but use it as a guide if it helps. For late 2019 and 2020, we researched the past 2 years to find editorial consistency and made predictions where possible. However, the most important tool you have access to is the publication and submission date through 2020. You can quickly see where a magazine is in their production cycle, to know what kind of timely story angle to pitch them.

The Letter Of The Week Is “B”…

…and the buzz is on Bitch, Better Nutrition and Bloomberg Businessweek! The following have been in our database for some time but with the latest research have been updated to 2020!


The revitalizing voice in contemporary feminism, Bitch plays a critical role in helping their audience question the definitions of gender, sexuality, power and agency. Examining the mainstream media, taking into account the historical and cultural representation of gender in modern pop culture, Bitch aims to encourage people to consider feminism as a necessary part of the social justice movement.

Upcoming Editorial Theme: Sanctuary

Better Nutrition

Better Nutrition magazine’s mission is to responsibly inform their audience about the nutritional approach to health. They provide well researched information on vitamins, herbs, nutrients, whole foods, natural personal care and beauty items and environmentally friendly products.

Upcoming Editorial Themes: You’ll have the publication dates, which is key because this magazine works on articles months in advance. Knowing these dates is how you will pitch really timely story ideas that can work for most any broad theme.

Bloomberg Businessweek

This one was a doozy! Over 47 issues per year, predicted up to September 2020! Bloomberg Businessweek’s current incarnation has been published since 2009, and has provided information and interpretation about events in the business world. Bloomberg Businessweek issues are packed with information,. Many different story angle ideas will work.

Upcoming Editorial Themes: Retail; Manufacturing; Cloud Solutions

The Toy Book

Published by Adventure Media and Events LLC, The Toy Book is the leading trade magazine serving the toy industry, The Toy Book is the foremost authority on toy trends and products! 

Upcoming Editorial Themes: TOTY Nominee Showcase 2020, Arts and Crafts; The State Of The Toy Industry

New Moon Girls

Founded by a mom and run by girls,  New Moon Girls serves to strengthen girls’ resistance to popular culture propaganda by strengthening their authentic voices. They are the first and only child-edited publication to win the prestigious Association of Educational Publishers’ Golden Lamp award as the best children’s magazine in the United States.

Upcoming Editorial Themes: “Dreams Of Your Future” and “Believe It Or Not”


For over 100 years, Earnshaw’s has proudly served as the voice of the children’s fashion industry. With a readership of over 15,000 retailers and brand executives, Earnshaw’s helps to streamline retail strategies, merchandising techniques and stay on top of the latest trends and industry news.

Upcoming Editorial Themes: Slumber Party Essentials, From PSs to Plush

These Are Only A Small Sampling Of Editorial Calendar Themes!

Many more editorial calendar ideas are in Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar Collection. These are a small sampling, highlighted for you to see what you need to dive into.

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All editorial themes are from editors themselves and are subject to change.

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