Re-Run of "This Day Will Not Take Me"

this day will not take me.jpeg

Although we first ran this last Tuesday, because every day is different and your current Monday may be a little questionable, we’re going to spin this motivational message again:

Happy Monday!

You know how a Monday goes...You might have plans for it, but you never really know how it's going to turn out. It's definitely like riding a bucking bronco, and you're either in the rhythm, or you're not.

Last week we were pretty optimistic about the Monday, but got thrown off kilter with competing to-do list items. Which prompted this message to be created that following Tuesday: "This Day Will Not Take Me: fuel the focus."

Just in case you're having a questionable Monday, you can use this quote poster as a help to put you back on course.

If you're impacted by the weather, here in the northeast it's been a little chilly and overcast, as it is today. Sunshine always makes things better, and if it is instead cold, foggy and otherwise bone-chilling in the spring for you, know this:

Make your own sunshine.