Next TuneUp: Overcoming Pitch & Performance Anxiety

Do you have a list of magazines or TV shows that you want to pitch your brand to, but just haven’t yet? Then this TuneUp is for you…

Overcoming Pitch and Performance Anxiety

When: Wednesday, May 15,2019
Time: 12pm EST
Where: At your computer or on your phone.
Price: Free for all during this live broadcast.

When Tin Shingle member Christine Agro of Awaken and Grow landed not 1, but 2 morning show segments featuring her as an expert in her field, we reached out right away to get the full scoop on how she did that. Her answers are coming to your inbox next, but you get a cherry on top of actually getting to hear about the morning show appearance from Christine herself during tomorrow's TuneUp!
Beyond the TV pitching tips she'll have for you, and the behind-the-scenes of actually being in the TV studio waiting for her big day on television, Christine is going to share with you the major revelation she had about this experience: How her Performance Anxiety almost didn't let it happen.

Performance Anxiety :: The Paralysis Creator

What is Performance Anxiety? Christine will explain, but let's put it this way:

  • If you fear pressing send on a pitch to the media...

  • If you don't even attempt to go for TV segments...

  • If you don't even attempt to go for big magazine placement...

  • If you don't reach out to others to partner for cross-promotional opportunities...

Then you may be suffering from Performance Anxiety.
Christine is going to walk us through what it is, how to identify it, and how to walk through it to get rid of it.
Then you can walk into the success you deserve!
Join Katie live at 12pm EST to get ideas for your PR outreach. This Live version of the Training TuneUp is free for all to listen/watch. It is recorded and added to the list of TuneUps that Tin Shingle Members can stream at anytime.