The Dude Was Right: Cannabis Is Thriving: Magazines Publishing In The Cannabis Space


Happy April 20th (4/20)

For those of you selling product and services in the cannabis space, you’re having more options of what magazines will feature your business. Tin Shingle has the Editorial Calendars for a few Cannabis publications, and wanted to give you an overview of some of the larger ones.

For over 40 years, High Times has become the most regarded source of authentic cannabis culture. They have led the fight for legalization and have supported the industry’s legal businesses.  There is considerable monetization opportunities available with their growing audience. Over 30 million Americans are marijuana enthusiasts, medical and recreational combined.

Over the past year, High Times has acquired several properties, including Dope Magazine, Culture, and Green Rush Daily ( While Culture focuses on medical cannabis news, Dope showcases the cannabis lifestyle across many industries. Green Rush Daily is a digital publication presenting cannabis content across different subjects ranging from politics to art. Green Rush Daily will continue to operate independently as part of the High Times family. Upon acquiring these properties, High Times launched music, live-events and online video.

“Culture has created a publication and online presence that complement the iconic High Times brand and its many related ventures,” said Adam Levin, CEO of High Times. “We’re building a broad collection of different Cannabis-related publications to offer to our many advertisers who are seeking the highly sought demographic of Canna-users. Culture is a natural fit as we continue to expand.” (LA Cannabis News)

"As states continue to legalize and Cannabis becomes more and more ingrained into American society, the desire for Cannabis-driven content is reaching an all-time high," High Times' CEO Adam Levin told Benzinga. "With that in mind, we're very excited to welcome Green Rush Daily into the High Times family to help us further satisfy those cravings. We've respected their digital and journalistic capabilities for some time, and are looking forward to sharing best practices and growing these brands side by side." (

"Dope is a strategic acquisition for our portfolio, offering key complementary assets to our existing platforms, and opening the opportunity for economies of scale to improve performance of all our publication group," said Adam Levin in a statement published by "What Dope Media has built in such a short time is not only impressive, but needed, considering the difficult landscape and legislation (that) brands are faced with today. We look forward to not only combining our resources but expanding them." (

High Times revenue generating plans include monetizing their most popular articles, expanding beyond “stoner culture,” and launching (touted as the “ of cannabis).  (

Using Tin Shingle To Research Ideas for Cannabis Based Publications

As you are research media outlets for the great fits for where you should get the word out, Tin Shingle has the Editorial Calendars for these publications, and the Media Contacts to give you an idea of who to pitch.