Next TuneUp: "8 Things I Learned After Deleting Facebook From My Phone (but not my life)"

When: Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Time: 12pm EST
Where: At your computer or on your phone.
Price: Free for all during this live broadcast.

It's happening. The deletion of Facebook apps from people’s phones - or from their lives entirely - as revelations continue to come out as to how invasive Facebook’s social tactics are. Even Lisa Paige from PopCrush Nights deleted Instagram for her phone for a day, and was so happy.

Tin Shingle’s owner Katie is a Digital Marketing Strategist, and has deleted Facebook Personal and Business apps from her phone, but still uses the platform for marketing.

Deleting the easy access revealed much about Facebook’s design, what’s working and not working with it, and how to reach the people who are still communicating with each other on the platform.

This isn't a TuneUp to slam Facebook, but to highlight the parts of it that you should pay attention to, in your broad marketing plans where time continues to shrink as more content grabs our attention. Namely:

Showing Up. Having a pulse on Facebook. People are checking out your brand page, and want to see life.

Shopping. Facebook is investing into the shopping game as buying via Instagram takes off. Instagram shopping is connected to your Facebook account. The only way to link to products on your website from your Instagram post is via Facebook's Ad Manager, so you can’t cut the cord just yet.

This TuneUp Will Cover:

  • Design: What is hurting Facebook's design, and why your message may be getting buried.

  • Facebook as a Creative Crutch. Are you reaching as many people as you think?

  • Never Satisfied. There's a reason you're hooked.

  • FOMO Fuels Everything

  • When Facebook Goes Dark

  • Facebook Can Still Track You, Despite Being Deleted From Phone

  • So How Should You Use It For Marketing?

Today’s Live Broadcast TuneUp: What To Pitch The Media During April

Today! Join Katie as she leads you through relevant and timely ideas to pitch the media right now in April. Yes that includes Mother’s Day Gift Guides - but those are Last Minute Leads at this point! Now you’re going to pitch the “long lead” for print magazines - stuff going on in August, September, October! Yes! Stay ahead of the curve and on top of opportunities happening now! This live broadcast is free at 3pm EST. Registration link is: www.tinshingle.com/tuneup

Bring your questions/ideas! Questions will be answered during the live broadcast of the TuneUp.


Next TuneUp: What To Pitch The Media During April

What To Pitch The Media During April

When: Wednesday, April 3,2019
Time: 3pm EST
Where: At your computer or on your phone.
Price: Free for all during this live broadcast.

You're flipping through the pages of magazines, or clicking on the remote while watching TV, seeing brands get featured in some amazing news story, and you're thinking: "That could have been me! My business would have been a great fit there!"

That placement was no accident. The business owner - or a PR professional they hired - pitched the media with a great pitch, and was awarded a feature - because the story idea was that good. Right material at the right time.

Timing is everything, and that is what this monthly Training TuneUp focuses on.

Print Pitch Alert:

September/October: If you want big print magazines, they are working 6-7 months out, which means September/October. Get ideas on how to think in this cycle right now. If your time is Back To School, Football Season, Fall Fashion, Fall Detox, this is your time.

Editorial Calendar Peeking

Every month, we dive into Tin Shingle's Editorial Calendar Collection to see what big themes the magazine are working on now. Examples:
AARP: The Tech Issue. The Money Section: Learn how other couples spend their money. Pitch No Later Than: May 1, 2019
Better Homes & Gardens: The Stylemaker Issue. Pitch No Later Than: May 10, 2019
Climbing: The Training Issue. Pitch No Later Than: May 15, 2019

This Training TuneUp Will Have Special Focuses

Gift Guides: Do you want to get into Gift Guides? We will cover best ways to do this - at any time of the year.
Time Zones of Pitching: Pitching the media can be overwhelming. It can trigger anyone's ADD. We will discuss ways to harness this for productive pitching.

Join Katie live at 3pm EST to get these ideas. This Live version of the Training TuneUp is free for all to listen/watch. It is recorded and added to the list of TuneUps that Tin Shingle Members can stream at anytime.

Today's TuneUp: Basic Basic Basic Marketing Tips For Know It Alls

Basic Basic Basic Marketing Tips For Know It Alls

When: Wednesday, March 20th, 2019
Time: 3pm EST
Where: At your computer or on your phone.
Price: Free for all during this live broadcast.

Today's TuneUp was inspired by a conversation with a business owner that went something like this: "Oh, I've taken all of the top marketing classes from all of the top gurus. I'm all set with that."

Upon visiting that business owner's website - which happened after a Google search revealed nothing for them, and after Instagram also came up empty - there were plenty of other gaping holes at the website.

During today’s live Tin Shingle TuneUp, we are visiting some basic marketing concepts that you are doing - that you think may be enough. But they are not enough. Much of what you are doing is AMAZING. And it needs to get out there. This TuneUp goes covers some very basic - yet very powerful - strategies you can use in SEO, social media, and basic marketing to your customers that you may not be taking advantage of.

We're going to talk about how - and the opportunities you are missing - today.

Click here for the free registration link.

Businesses Experience Shifts During Tin Shingle’s Member Only TuneUp

These every-other TuneUp weeks are fun! When we open up the Training TuneUp to All Access Members of Tin Shingle and listen directly to their challenges, and identify missed opportunities, shifts happen!

Lately, we have been talking about what their pitches to the media read like (after reviewing them in our Pitch Whisperer group feedback forum), and what their websites look like. If you catch the attention of a very busy media person with your email pitch, they are going to go to your website to investigate. What are they seeing there? You know what you sell and how you sell it, but is that translated effectively on your website and in your social?

Big website changes have resulted from these meetings for Tin Shingle Member Fluid Running. Mike, the Communications Director at Fluid Running, the app-based coaching program for people who run in water (I know!!!), has been doing a superb job making adjustments to their website to illustrate how “deep water running” works for different types of people. This is a challenge because it’s a new concept to most people, but a niche training method for hard core runners, yet very beneficial to all.

Our newest attendee to the special Members Only TuneUp is Paola from Bag Romance, a high end luxury bag rental company. Bag Romance has quietly been around for a bit, but has been refining their website and branding. Paola joined Tin Shingle because she is ready to introduce Bag Romance to the media, and is looking for the best ways to do so. She’s also looking for a support system, because pitching the media requires endurance training! And that’s what we provide here at Tin Shingle.

Join is for the next TuneUp! See the schedule in the TuneUp section.


Ready To Stream: What To Pitch The Media In February (2019) + A Podcast For Holidays

190204 screenshot what to pitch february (1).jpg
npr planet money national caramel day.jpeg

February’s edition of “What To Pitch This Month” is ready for you to stream. In it, we cover ideas of how you can pitch the media about your business. To warm up your brain a bit, we went through a few magazine themes from Tin Shingle’s 2019 Editorial Calendar Collection.

But we also went through some of the national holidays that are coming up, like National Caramel Day, National Donut Day, and those other random holidays that get celebrated for seemingly no reason but are a great reason to stage a social media picture and surf in some hashtags.

After the live broadcast of the TuneUp, one of our listeners (my sister), forwarded a Planet Money podcast episode #765 that investigated the origins of these designated days. The exploration started off skeptical and anti-commercialism and suspicious of all things PR, but ended up in a really sweet place when they discovered who invented most of these holidays. Yes - who. They found the person who has the most passion for creating these holidays, why they did it, and what we’re left with. It’s worth the 19 minute listen.

Meanwhile, our TuneUp is worth the 45 minute listen for the courage you’re going to get to pitch the media with your brand new idea! Get it here.

Snow Day Stikes Again! TuneUp For Facebook Ads Rescheduled

We are deep in Snow Day Season, which means that TuneUp Wednesday came and went with no peep from us! Yup, this week it snowed in New York, which means that schools close (it seems that NYers have confused themselves with North Carolina, where a school closure would make more sense).
This TuneUp: "Beyond The Boost: How And Why To Create Facebook Ads" is going to be a good one. It stars guest experts Patti Devine and Devin Holmes of Digital Impact, who know Facebook Ad Manager like the back of their hands, and are going to walk us through the basics of how to set up an ad (literally, like, where is it in Facebook), and the best strategies behind making your ad artwork and content.

Right now, the TuneUp is on for Wednesday, February 27th at 1pm EST. You can register early here, and be notified if anything changes.

You know our position on Facebook - use with caution and with exact reasons. So we'll be guiding this TuneUp with that approach.

If you see your competition in those ad slots and want to start bumping them out, this TuneUp will teach you how to do that.


Polar Vortex Throws TuneUp Off Its Game - Rescheduled!

katie polar vortex 1000.jpg


While New York doesn’t have the coldest numbers of the way below freezing polar vortex temperatures, we are having school closings in the most unusual way, which does impact our live broadcast delivery of the TuneUp. Being that we’re a family friendly company, when a school calls a snow day one day, followed by a 2hr delay the next day, followed by a phone call just as you’re taking your kids to school that says: “Just kidding! There is an early dismissal, you’ll be back in 2hrs to pick up your kids!,” followed by another 2hr delay the next day, your work-game is going to be a little off.

So. Deepest apologies for not broadcasting the TuneUp on Wednesday, but know this: it is happening. We are rescheduling it and will have new registration links shortly. We will also have new a new signup session for the Member-Only TuneUp, where Tin Shingle Members can come onto the call either by video or phone, and have a group strategy session.

Thank you again for your patience!

Wishing everyone warmth and safety.

Today's Live TuneUp: What To Pitch This Month: January

What To Pitch This Month: January

When: Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019
Time: 3pm EST
Where: At your computer or on your phone.
Price: Free for all during this live broadcast.

Today's TuneUp will include a deep dive into several Editorial Calendars that are ready for you to search through in Tin Shingle's database. Today's live TuneUp also has two special features for you today:

Motivation Minute: The kickoff to every TuneUp is a Motivation Minute, and today's is dedicated as your New Year's Day Pep Talk. The actual New Year's Day cast a bit of The Sunday's vibe for some of us, after the excitement of the coming change delivered us on a day of: "Ok, now what? What direction to go?" It's a big thing to stare at a blank slate after feeling such momentum. This will be discussed quickly in the Motivation Minute.

Special Focus: Innovator Introspection. Several magazines are having their Innovator's issue. Are you an innovator? Sure you are. Knowing how you are an innovator in your field is key to pitching yourself or your business into this theme. We will discuss so that you can have talking points at the ready for this type of email pitch to the media.

Register here, or if you missed it, you can also get the replays here!

Training TuneUp Ready To Stream: "Pitching Local Media"


Just in time for your quiet down time in between family during this holiday season, Tin Shingle’s latest original Training TuneUp “Pitching Local Media” is ready for you to stream. See real-life pitches to the media that worked and didn’t, and find out why.

Getting featured in local media can be a great boost to your brand. Learn more about this TuneUp and how this approach incorporates into your overall marketing and publicity strategy.