GirlBoss Launches New Podcast: Self Service - A Witchy Listen of Self Care

GirlBoss editor Jerico Mandybur has announced the new podcast for the girl empowerment source: Self Service, the self described "cosmic comfort zone, an 'inner-beauty school' where self-care is celebrated, where getting real with emotions is a treat, and an interest in thoughtful, funny conversations, weird wellness and astrology is unabashed. It’s where being a little self-indulgent isn’t just a shame-free act of self-love, it’s a necessary launchpad into a life that’s wholly ours, in a world where we feel good about taking up space. Here, we serve our hearts. We rant. We grow. And we tune the eff up."

In her email announcement, Jerico defended the astrology angle. Not that she needs to, but it does set the podcast apart from other self-care mediums. She explained that her family belief system included "a strong belief in superstitions, messages sent through dreams, and evil eyes." Further, she finds that it is core to how someone can provide self-care to themselves, yet it is considered "woo woo" and brushed off or punished.

"Witchy stuff has been historically demonized (I believe)," Jerico explains, "because it’s a feminine system that threatens the dominant power. Mid-wifery, being a single woman in possession of land, healing using old plant knowledge; these are all things women suffered for that are now being reclaimed."

Being that had a midwife for my third child, and am reading the second book in the Outlander series, Dragonfly in Amber, where the memory of the heroine's near miss with being burned at the stake because she knows how to heal people with plants is fresh on my mind as she hunts down the other time traveler that did meet her fate at the stake in that book (the cross-over in time is so fascinating!), I'm drawn to this message of normalizing knowledge that women tend to get shunned for. Like, why does a woman's credit score plummet when she gets divorced? Why is that normal? Does a man's? I'll need to look into it. If you know, please chime in below in the comments.

So I'm looking forward to the podcast, and looking forward to seeing which of you business owners find a story angle to pitch to them, so that maybe I'll hear you on the air with Jerico!

Meanwhile, we are adding it to Tin Shingle's Media Contact Database in our new Podcast section, so that you can more easily browse for relevant podcasts to listen to, get to know, and pitch if a great fit for your message.