Karlie Kloss

Why I Subscribe To Magazines - And Read In Print - Vogue’s Article On The First Baby In the Senate

While turning through this month’s issue of Vogue, I was so surprised to learn that Illinois Senator Ladda Tammy Duckworth lost her legs while serving in the military while piloting a Black Hawk helicopter in Iraq. As a subscriber, I also get Vogue’s daily email campaigns. Never saw this one in their emails promoting the print edition. Nor did I see digital promotion of the Karlie Kloss article on her new love of code (oh wait, this is also funny about her promoting her new code camp)and her involvement with helping girls learn to code (Internets and websites and stuff). But maybe I missed them!

Back to the senator - I am pretty sure I heard a feature on her in a NPR interview about her recent childbirth (oh I did! found the link right here), pumping in her senate office, and the ridiculous baby clothing uniform questions she got from male senators.

From that interview, I did not know she was 50 and that this baby was her second! This is why I subscribe to magazines in print! Thank you Vogue for producing this story. Written by Rebecca Johnson, photo by Annie Leibovitz.

And one more takeaway: this is why having 1 news source - local or otherwise - is not enough. One source cannot possibly tell all of the information.