Are We Connected? Tin Shingle's Communities for Members

Are We Connected?

If you're a super-hooked in Member of Tin Shingle, starting at the Community Level 1 all the way up to All Access Level 4, there are 2 ways we stay connected online to share ideas and open minds to new ways of doing outreach for your business:

The Community Boards are Tin Shingle's online forums. It's for people who like the Internet 1.0 (like those girls at The What). We've had it for years (before Facebook Groups existed!), and it's a safe, quieter place to ask questions, get feedback, write a lot if you need to, and easily find older conversations and recommendations. Available to our Community Members and up.
How It Works: Just log into your Tin Shingle account, and click on the tab "Community Boards." If you want to ask a new question or start a new conversation, you just click into one of the specialized forum places, like "Pitch Whisperer" or "SEO" or "Social Media" or "PR (Public Relations)" and click "Start a New Post" at the top of the page.

For those who like the feel of instantly connecting and tagging one another, Tin Shingle does have a closed Facebook Group. Only Community Members and above are approved into it. You can ask questions and give and get support here too, or just shout "Hooray!" if something exciting happened that you want to tell us about.
How It Works: You need to request permission to come into the group. We'll see it, and grant it (if you're a member - go activate your membership here)! If you're a Community Member and above, click right here to reach our Facebook Group and knock!

The "Pitch Whisperer" Forum

Arguably one of our most powerful areas in our online forum in the Community Boards at Tin Shingle's website: The Pitch Whisperer. This is where you get to copy and paste your email pitch to a writer, editor or producer, and you'll get support from Tin Shingle's owner Katie, who is also a publisher of an online newspaper/blog that reaches 21,500 views per month.

She sees a lot of pitches from people in the world (regular people and PR agents), and can identify what's working and not working. She also thinks up article ideas that work for a large audience. So she knows a good angle when she sees one.

But this is just one person weighing in. Any member of Tin Shingle who wants to help out can give their feedback also. Helping others feels good.

If you're a Community Member and above, click here to get to the Pitch Whisperer.

We've Got A Live One!

Last week, a member wanted feedback on an email she was going to send to the media about the app she created to help people get their deliveries (versus having them be stolen off porches).
After a little tweaking, the email pitch changed dramatically, and she even developed a second pitch for a totally new angle!

You can see the transformation of that pitch here.