Climbing and Boys' Life Magazines 2019/2020 Editorial Calendars Added To Tin Shingle's Collection


Tin Shingle has added the 2019 Editorial Calendars for Climbing and Boys’ Life in our Editorial Calendar Collection for our members to browse through. Tin Shingle’s entire collection includes 100+ other magazines for you to browse by Title or Area of Interest!

About Climbing Magazine

Climbing and Boys’ Life magazines cater to lovers of the outdoors of all ages. With a print audience of 54k and a digital audience of 1 million, Climbing magazine is a niche publication dedicated to, well, climbing! Led by a staff of active climbers, the publication employs award winning photography, deeply researched articles, technical and training how-to advice which makes them the voice of the sport.

EDITORIAL CALENDAR ALERT: Climbing’s “Gear” issue is coming up! You can find out the best submission date by viewing it in Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar Collection!

About Boys’ Life Magazine

Boys’ Life, January 2019

Boys’ Life, January 2019

Boys’ Life is the official publication from the Boy Scouts of America. With a circulation of 890k and a readership base of 3.38 million, they’ve been an important part of youth culture for over a century. Boys’ Life is the only youth magazine with 2 demographic editions based on two different age groups, ages 5-11 and ages 11-17. They feature editorials, photos, and buying guides. Now that girls are joining the Cub Scout program, there is plenty of opportunity for brands to reach their target audience.

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EDITORIAL CALENDAR ALERT: Boys’ Life magazine staff works months in advance. They are already working on their winter issues. Your story ideas should be timely for January/February. Grab a copy of the magazine at your local Barnes and Noble, let an idea hit you, and then pitch the magazine! For ideas on How To Pitch, stream one of Tin Shingle’s Training TuneUp webinars. For ideas on Who To Pitch at Boys’ Life, explore Tin Shingle’s Media Contact Library with your All Access Pass of Membership.

TIP & STORY IDEAS: These story ideas recently published at Boys’ Life. When you pitch the media, you don’t need to write the article. You need to conceive of a concept, and then say how your product or service would fit in. Ultimately, your business would be used as an example or quoted in the article. Need help with your pitch? Join Tin Shingle and let us see your draft in our exclusive Pitch Whisperer club on our website. We’ll give you helpful feedback!

BONUS TIP: Click here for a Bonus Tip on how to pitch one of these story ideas two ways!

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