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How Concious Living Expert Christine Agro Landed 2 Morning Show Segments At Once

Christine Agro is a member of Tin Shingle and therefore a friend. When I saw in her social feeds that she was on a plane preparing to fly to Connecticut to film a morning show segment, I reached out right away to learn more about the big PR score, in order to find out more about how she did it, and share it here with you Tin Shinglers.

Christine was kind enough to give us the pitching play by play! For anyone pitching the media, if you need help with your actual pitch email, Tin Shingle’s Pitch Whisperer Program is a direct level of help that you can use. Available the public, we can write your pitch from scratch. Available to Members of Tin Shingle, you can copy/paste your draft email into our special Pitch Whisperer Forum and get feedback on it from myself and other members. Outside viewpoints are so valuable!

Here’s how the pitching-to-air-time went down:

Pitching August - February

I started pitching TV segments at the end of August. Each week, I sent out a new pitch.

A Response In February! Of…”No Thank You”

At the end of February, I got a ‘no thank you’ from my contact at Fox32 in Chicago. This was the first response I received from her. I took it as a good sign!

Pivots On Her Pitching In March

In Mid-March, I had pitches set to go, but decided to look what else was happening in March. It turned out the following week was Introvert week.

I was in Miami to do a talk, but I still sent my pitches out.

In my MotivateHer group program, I’ve been working with my clients to step up and into being more visible. Dealing with fears, anxieties, uncertainties. I work with them on the energetic difference between Beyonce on the red carpet of the MTV awards as a correspondent - vs - the Beyonce that stepped fully into her Bey-ness two years later.

I’ve been doing the same work on myself. While in Miami, I was sitting in mediation and looked at where I wanted the visibility – mostly, but there was still a part of me that was holding back. I peeled that away and the next day…

I heard back from two producers. The one in Chicago and one in Connecticut. Both wanted me to come in that week, but I was in Miami. I responded that I was not available and asked what other dates they had. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Very key! Christine was persistent. She presented the other dates.]

Both came back with options and I scheduled them both. Chicago asked me to fill out a form with suggested intro and outro (that surprised me). Connecticut asked for a few speaking points.


While waiting for my plane to Chicago, I felt that familiar feeling of ‘why did I say I would do this’ – the Introverts Dilemma, I call it.

I realized that despite having the energy tools to deal with this, in the past, I let it overcome me and did what I teach my students not to do - pushed it down, or away and tried to manage it.

With 3 hours to wait, I decided to get to work on this energy. I started picking apart the energy, identifying what it was made up of, decided whether it had merit (none of it did) cleared it all out and by the time I got on the set in Chicago, I was great.


I had hair and make-up done for both morning shows.

Chicago: the show had a Blue Room. A producer took me into the studio where I waited for the anchor to come and do the interview.

Connecticut: A producer brought me into the studio and had a row of chairs for guests to sit and wait while the entire show was happening right in front of me. I had a tiny bit of energy come up but I cleared it here too.


I followed up right away with thank you notes that I sent via email.

One week later, I resumed pitching them with new ideas!

Today's TuneUp: Overcoming Performance and Pitch Anxiety With Christine Agro

tuneup sign overcoming pitch and lerformance anxiety.jpg

Do you have tons of ideas of who to pitch at what magazine, or what TV segment you'd be perfect for?

But do you not pitch it? Do you just dream it?

You might be suffering from Performance Anxiety (which we have given ourselves permission to stretch over to Pitching the Media as well).

Today we talk with Conscious Living Expert and Tin Shingle Member Christine Agro of Awaken and Grow. Christine had been pitching herself as an expert for months, but was not getting the responses she wanted. Register here for the free version of this live TuneUp webinar!

Then she landed two morning show segments.

Today we found out:

1. How she did that.

2. How she nailed her performance on camera.

3. What she discovered when she went through anxiety and regret after landing the segments.

Christine's going to teach us how to identify Performance Anxiety, and how to get through it.

More About Christine

Christine Agro is a Conscious Living Expert, a Spiritual teacher, and a Clairvoyant. She supports women in realizing their dreams, experiencing the support they need to be successful, and in developing a personal process to maintain balance and calm and deepen their connection to their own inner sight.

Christine has been seen on ABC, FOX, Good Morning Connecticut, Good Day Chicago, Late Night with Seth Meyers, featured in The New York Times and seen in Elite Daily, Ladders, VICE, Brides and Ask Men.

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