New Editorial Calendars, Featuring African American Publications

In this update to Tin Shingle’s exclusive Editorial Calendar Collection, we have added new publications (new to our collection, but established in the publishing world!) catering to the African American audience.

Keep in mind, these are only Editorial Calendars. There are more media ideas for you to pitch to in Tin Shingle’s Media Contact Library. We have devoted a research project to #blackmedia to make sure we have the publications (digital and print) that people have been loving and have made big impacts on their lives. In our Media Contact Library, you can search by “Black Media” or “African American” for instance, and get search results of people who work for publications who identify with that niche.

About Our Editorial Calendar Collection

For all of our Editorial Calendars, we either get them from the magazine for the upcoming year, or if it hasn’t been released yet (but they still know the themes), we do our scientific study of researching the past 2 years of what that magazine published. If we see consistency in the broad theme, then we make a prediction. For example, if Essence Magazine did “Women In Business” in October for the past 2 years, then we predict that to be the broad theme again for 2020.

However, the utmost important tool you have access to is the publication and submission date through 2020. You are able to determine where a magazine is in their production cycle so you can pitch them a timely story angle. There are SO MANY ideas you can pitch. Knowing the broad theme is helpful, but not the most important aspect to your pitching. Think big! Think broadly!

African-American Career World Magazine

African American Career World 1.png

African-American Career World Magazine is the career link between African American students, graduate students, and professionals and the employers seeking to hire them.  Featuring career strategies, industry trends and role model profiles that aim to inspire the African American community.

EDITORIAL CALENDAR PLANNING FOR NOW: Black History Month, Healthcare, Government, Military

Black Enterprise

Since 1970, Black Enterprise has been the premiere source of business information and advice to African American professionals and entrepreneurs. They seek to empower their audience to take control of their wealth and success.

EDITORIAL CALENDAR PLANNING FOR NOW: You’ll have the publication dates, which is key because this magazine works on articles months in advance. Knowing these dates is how you will pitch really timely story ideas that can work for most any broad theme.

Black Enterprise 1.png

The African American Golfer’s Digest

African American Golfer's Digest 1.png

The African American Golfer’s Digest, launched in 2003, is the nation’s leading publication for avid Black American golfers. It is unique in that it is a 100% minority and woman owned and operated business, and the only golf magazine specifically for the African American demographic. Available by subscription only and independently published, it is an integral guide that features activities enjoyed by golfers including tournaments, book reviews, celebrity news, fundraisers, traveling, competition and healthy living.


These Are Only A Small Sampling Of Editorial Calendar Themes!

Many more editorial calendar ideas are in Tin Shingle’s Editorial Calendar Collection. These are a small sampling, highlighted for you to see what you need to dive into.

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All editorial themes are from editors themselves and are subject to change.

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