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Tin Shingle's Hashtag Cheat Sheet


Tin Shingle researches real hashtags regularly and presents them to you in our online forum called "The Boards." Search through for any topic you want, and you'll get great leads for hashtags. Categories include:

  • At the Office
  • Business
  • Hot Hashtags Magazines Are Using
  • Outdoors
  • Food
  • Women
  • Men
  • Kids

Sneak Peek!

Take a look inside our Hashtag Cheat Sheet. We recommend you build your own categorized lists and save them on your Notes app on your phone for easy access when posting to social media.


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Members of Tin Shingle at the Community Level 1 will have instant access to our carefully cultivated Instagram Hashtag Cheat Sheet. The hashtags are organized by category, and live in a section of our website called The Boards. You'll be able to easily navigate by subject to find hashtags that really work for your photo.