Wanderlust! Editorial Calendar Themes For Elite Traveler, Sunset, and Alaska Beyond

This week’s update to Tin Shingle’s exclusive Editorial Calendar Collection includes new publications serving the world traveler. Remember, these are simply the Editorial Calendars for these publications. Tin Shingle’s Media Contact Library will have more ideas and inspirations for you to pitch. In our Media Contact Library, you can search by “travel” or “adventure” for instance, and get search results of people who work for travel and adventure publications.

About Our Editorial Calendar Collection

The magazines provide their media kits and editorial calendars to us for the upcoming year. For those publications that haven’t yet released them, we have studied the editorial patterns of the previous years. If there is consistency the broad theme, then we are able to make a prediction. For example, if Alaska Beyond’s March Issue focused on “Hawaii” for the past two years, we can confidently predict that in March of 2020, “Hawaii” will also be the focus.

Despite all of this, the most important information you have are the publication and submission dates through 2020. This enables you to ascertain the production cycle of a particular magazine so you can effectively pitch a story angle relevant to the season. Knowing the broad theme does help, but the publication and submission dates are THE gold nuggets. Think ahead and think big!

Elite Traveler

Also known as the “private jet lifestyle magazine,” Elite traveler has been a global lifestyle brand, curating the best hotels, restaurants, fashion, and jewelry. Their audience includes the ultra-rich and those of high net worth.


Sunset - Travel

Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 12.22.30 AM (2).png

Branded as the definitive lifestyle brand of the modern American West, Sunset magazine is the single most trusted resource for the Western audience. Sunset’s audiences have a hunger for exploration that can only be satiated by adventure.


Alaska Beyond

Covering the Alaska Airlines route, Alaska Beyond explores the trends and events that shape these regions. They focus the spotlight on the cultural and visual diversity of the Alaskan Airlines markets from Alaska all the way to Mexico, Vancouver and New York.

EDITORIAL CALENDAR PLANNING FOR NOW: Alaska Travel, Health and Wellness

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