Money Monday: Proceed To The Route

money monday proceed to the route.png

When In Doubt…

Sometimes on a Monday, you get a message that knocks you off course.

That message might scare you. Freeze you. Capture you in doubt.

You made your list the night before, or hour before, and you knew what you were doing, but now you don’t.

For the rock that just rolled in front of you, blocking you from seeing the bright side of the goal you were moving towards, all you can see now are these questions:

  • Is it the right thing?

  • Will you succeed?

  • Will you earn enough money?

  • Maybe this isn’t the plan. Maybe you should drop it and pick a different plan.

Proceed To The Route.

You’ve made your game-plan 100 times.

You know what to do.

You know why you need to do it.

This is the part where you roll the rock away - or go around it - and proceed to the route.

Most of the time in life, you don’t know what is on the other side of your route.

You don't know how it's going to turn out. How the rules you think you know will change - in your favor. How you will get offers or ideas of different ways of doing things to make your dream possible.

This is the fun part of business. If you have faith in what you are doing, the solution of how to get what you need will present itself, and you may never have imagined it.

You think you know all of the answers, how everything will turn out, but you won’t. Surprise developments, re-routes and other unexpecteds will present themselves, usually paving the way for all to succeed.

When in doubt, proceed to the route, and keep going. Have faith.

Happy Monday. :)