This Fresh Mayoral Candidate Is Campaigning Well With Newsletters In Her Voice

You know who’s doing a great job running for mayor? This girl!! Bianca Motley Broom. Down in College Park, GA. She is sending newsletters. To her people. Explaining her passion, her drive, and her desire to connect people around issues that involve them. Her newsletters include mention of her background, that she was a mediator, so connecting people is important to her. She introduces a concept she wants to use if she wins - Participatory Budgeting. 

Bianca created an Instagram account dedicated to her campaign, and a website. On it, she’s sharing what issues are important to her, like Wellness Wednesday Yoga In The Park, Coffee with Bianca, City Services such as trash pickup and bagless lead pickup, soul food, outdoor music, and more. 

How do we know Bianca? I went to school with her, played high school basketball with her, and shared a Senior Project with our coach, a County Prosecutor. We even shared an afternoon in an autopsy room, and a shooting gallery. Bianca has my vote!