Next TuneUp: What To Pitch The Media During April

What To Pitch The Media During April

When: Wednesday, April 3,2019
Time: 3pm EST
Where: At your computer or on your phone.
Price: Free for all during this live broadcast.

You're flipping through the pages of magazines, or clicking on the remote while watching TV, seeing brands get featured in some amazing news story, and you're thinking: "That could have been me! My business would have been a great fit there!"

That placement was no accident. The business owner - or a PR professional they hired - pitched the media with a great pitch, and was awarded a feature - because the story idea was that good. Right material at the right time.

Timing is everything, and that is what this monthly Training TuneUp focuses on.

Print Pitch Alert:

September/October: If you want big print magazines, they are working 6-7 months out, which means September/October. Get ideas on how to think in this cycle right now. If your time is Back To School, Football Season, Fall Fashion, Fall Detox, this is your time.

Editorial Calendar Peeking

Every month, we dive into Tin Shingle's Editorial Calendar Collection to see what big themes the magazine are working on now. Examples:
AARP: The Tech Issue. The Money Section: Learn how other couples spend their money. Pitch No Later Than: May 1, 2019
Better Homes & Gardens: The Stylemaker Issue. Pitch No Later Than: May 10, 2019
Climbing: The Training Issue. Pitch No Later Than: May 15, 2019

This Training TuneUp Will Have Special Focuses

Gift Guides: Do you want to get into Gift Guides? We will cover best ways to do this - at any time of the year.
Time Zones of Pitching: Pitching the media can be overwhelming. It can trigger anyone's ADD. We will discuss ways to harness this for productive pitching.

Join Katie live at 3pm EST to get these ideas. This Live version of the Training TuneUp is free for all to listen/watch. It is recorded and added to the list of TuneUps that Tin Shingle Members can stream at anytime.