Money Monday: That's So Money

Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

That's So Money...

It's real easy to get caught up in the cycle of the day to day. But you need to break free and do something special that is going to push the needle on your revenue and grow your business like you want it. Your to-do list today needs to have one or two top money items on it.

On this Money Monday, here's what you need to do to push that needle. Do at least 1 of these things today. You don't need to do all. Pick one:

Cross-Promotional Partnership

If you have a cross-promotional partnership percolating that gets your company in front of another company, you need to seal that deal and start the promotion. Get your logo and offerings in front of their audience. What can you do to make that happen today?

PR - Dream Feature

Who can you pitch today that would really "get" your business, making a feature easier? If you don't know the answer to this, you need to start reading your target magazines, or watching your target shows. Identify the person in the media that is writing or producing something that is a natural fit with what you can talk about, as it relates to your business, or what you are getting the word out about. This could even be an indirect feature about a concept that your business does, and not a focused feature on your business at all.

Video - Instagram to YouTube

Make one video today - 30seconds or 5 minutes. Something to get your logo up in your Insta Stories and stay in front of your people. Did you just draw something? Did you just have an idea that your audience would benefit from? Tell them about it today. In person. In a video. Then upload it to your YouTube channel so that it stays "forever" and benefits from YouTube's SEO.

Newsletter To Your People

Did you put a new class on the books? Can people sign up for a new workshop? Hopefully you put it on your Instagram at the very least. Now you need to send a dedicated newsletter about it.

Discomfort Zone - Do Something Unusual

What really irks you about your competition? What would your competition do that you would never do?

Do that. Put yourself in your discomfort zone, and promote your business in a way that you would never do. Showcase it in a way that you think is too in someone's face. If it's a photo spread of your rental package, if it's buying an ad in a hip magazine, do it.

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