Going For It: Work Friends: My Kids Would Love Your Fundraising For Their School!

Hello Tin Shinglers!

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners work in seeming isolation. We (usually) don’t have work offices to go to that involve a bunch of co-workers. I do work our own office at Tin Shingle, but I’m usually the only one there! LOL Sometimes Kat comes in, and Yvonne and I have tricky schedules with our kids. Shayne is all the way in PA, and I’m still waiting for Ashley to get back from traveling the world building homes for people in need.

So I bring this to you, my Tin Shingle friends. The main fundraiser for my kid’s school has started, and there are only a few days left for us to fundraise. Details are below in this letter that you would have gotten had you been my work buddy or family member:


First Day of Spring means a few things around here, including that it's the start of Ruby and Cole's annual school fundraiser! It's actually a giant color "marathon" called the Color-A-Thon around the block of their school, where they get to squirt color powder on themselves. It's a total mess, and really fun.

It's the main fundraising event, even though fundraising opportunities happen all year round in little ways, as spearheaded by the South Avenue PTA. And little ways have made a big difference. With your support, the following has made its way into South Avenue Elementary School, making the learning days so much better for everyone:

  • Purchased new playground equipment - a Climbing Wall and Ten Spin. You'll see pictures of these as Cole, Ruby and I do "Beastmaster Training" this summer when we jog outside and go to South Avenue for some sprints!

  • Funded field trip for 1st graders.

  • Purchased class supplies for several teachers.

  • Sustainable school link with an Ethiopian partner school spearheaded by Mr. Burke (WOW!)

  • Funded 4+ assemblies in 2018-2019 school year.

  • On the books for the rest of the year includes murals for inside and outside (beginning summer of 2019) and a Sensory Walk for indoor corridor.

We love South Avenue so much, and appreciate the learning they give to Ruby and Cole, and the coaching they give for their early life skills. Kindness continues at South Avenue.Thank you for your consideration!

Ruby and Cole are both fundraising, and have set big goals. The entire PTA goal is $8,000, so we have each set $300 (total $600) for our family. We are going for it.

And there are only  FIVE DAYS LEFT! Eeps! Sorry for the last minute notice :) Friday, March 25th is our cutoff.

Donations Can Be Made Online:

Ruby's Donation Page: http://shop.schoolathon.org/index.asp?PID=498913
Cole's Donation Page: http://shop.schoolathon.org/index.asp?PID=498915
(Thank you if you have already donated! Just including you in this email to keep you included.)

THANK YOU!!Katie and David and Charlie (until he's in South also)