Awe, Dang It!...MSNBC's Your Business With JJ Ramberg Closes Up Shop

your business closing up shop.jpeg

After 12 years on the air every Sunday morning, after what was supposed to be a 6 month run, Your Business with JJ Ramberg has ceased production in December 2018. You can look at their first show announcement over at Ad Week when they were just babies in 2006!

According to a comment down in the show’s Facebook page, the sponsor did not renew for 2019. Which is a stinker because one would think there would be other sponsors out there. According to Wikipedia, American Express OPEN was the sponsor.

JJ Ramberg showcased many small businesses - small and large - including a few Tin Shingle Members - on her show over the years. During that time, she got married and had three kids, who she brought to work at times (see them in the show’s last highlight reel). She also has a podcast, Been There. Built That, that reveals details on journeys to success, what it took to build companies, and turn a No into Yes. The last episode, however, was released in December 2018.

What Will JJ Ramberg Do Next?

She’s unstoppable, so is sure to pop up again somewhere, in probably a big way. The show had a loyal following of small business enthusiasts. JJ knew that small business is personal, and talked about that often in her segments. Your Business was the longest running at MSNBC after Chris Matthew’s Hardball.

JJ is the co-founder of Goodshop with her brother. Goodshop “has the most powerful coupons in the world.” They provide the best shopping deals on the internet, but they also make a donation to the nonprofit or school of your choice for almost every purchase you make. “You also give, at no extra cost,” is their motto.

Goodshop is connected with over 114,000 nonprofits and schools. You can shop for your cause no matter the scale: whether it be your local animal shelter, or a national cancer research organization. If your nonprofit or school isn't listed, you can add them to their list.

Over the past nine years, Goodshop has helped organizations do everything from medical research, to buying books for local libraries, to helping clean up pollution from city rivers. Through deals and coupons generated from the website, Goodshop has raised over $13 million dollars.

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What Business Show To Pitch Now?

Consider Poppy Harlow’s podcast Boss Files with Poppy Harlow. There is of course her show that she co-anchors on CNN, but you should also pursue the podcast. Contact details and ideas for Poppy’s podcast can be found in Tin Shingle’s Media Contact library.