Starting Research on Sift Magazine, From King Aurthur Flour

Reading for the preparation for our hopeful new series...Sunday Reading. Does it count that I’m starting on Monday?

This magazine, Sift, is from King Arthur Flour. Yeah. That’s right. Because companies see magazines as good for business. And this Holiday 2018 issue employed a fair amount of people, most of whom are full time freelance or work for King Arthur Flour. Right now, the magazine comes out 3 times a year: Spring (March), Fall (August) and Holiday (October). Each new issue becomes available on the last Tuesday of the month it publishes in.

There are great product recommendations in the pages as well. And a holiday gift guide! Future updating into Tin Shingle’s Media Contact Library we go. To make sure you know about these foodies. All Access Members of Tin Shingle get instant access to that idea 💡center of goodness.