Ready To Stream: What To Pitch The Media In February (2019) + A Podcast For Holidays

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February’s edition of “What To Pitch This Month” is ready for you to stream. In it, we cover ideas of how you can pitch the media about your business. To warm up your brain a bit, we went through a few magazine themes from Tin Shingle’s 2019 Editorial Calendar Collection.

But we also went through some of the national holidays that are coming up, like National Caramel Day, National Donut Day, and those other random holidays that get celebrated for seemingly no reason but are a great reason to stage a social media picture and surf in some hashtags.

After the live broadcast of the TuneUp, one of our listeners (my sister), forwarded a Planet Money podcast episode #765 that investigated the origins of these designated days. The exploration started off skeptical and anti-commercialism and suspicious of all things PR, but ended up in a really sweet place when they discovered who invented most of these holidays. Yes - who. They found the person who has the most passion for creating these holidays, why they did it, and what we’re left with. It’s worth the 19 minute listen.

Meanwhile, our TuneUp is worth the 45 minute listen for the courage you’re going to get to pitch the media with your brand new idea! Get it here.