Next TuneUp: MailChimp: Design Tips & Ideas For A Great Email Campaign

This class has been pre-recorded and will open for all to stream free at the details below:

When: Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 28th at 12 Noon EST.
Where: The place most convenient for you. Watch at your desk or listen on the go.
Price: Free for all during the hour of open streaming.

MailChimp takes your email campaign from #Meh to WOW. In this online class, Co-founder Katie takes you behind her screen and design a campaign in front of your eyes. She will show you tricks that you can use in MailChimp that will save you time when sending newsletters.

Covered in this Webinar

  • Design elements you'll need before designing your own newsletter.
  • The biggest time and money saving trick contained in just one MailChimp button.
  • 2 ways to slice and dice a text-heavy newsletter.
  • A #truthbomb that you must face before sending another newsletter.
  • Demonstration of new design tricks that anyone can do, simply and quickly.
  • A tour of analytics in MailChimp to discover what your readers are responding to and how to improve your communication with them.